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Er, if you're expecting a detailed con report replete with pictures, video and precision, this is not the post you're looking for. I believe those posts are here. This is ramble. Babble, maybe. Anyone suggesting tl;dr would not be accused of crazy talk.

Got Conned? )

Frederic Lehne & Samantha Ferris )

Nick Brendon )

Jensen and Jared )

And then there was Wincest )

ETA: [ profile] adis723's take is here
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Okay. That's cheating, 'cause that's actually a Buffy quote, not a Xander one. Beware my shiny new free time.

For [ profile] entrenous88, who provided The Many Hats of Nick Brendon, I give you:

You Wouldn't Hit On a Guy in Glasses, Would You? )

So...who's up for doing the shirtless post? (Er, of Nicky, I mean - you can wear what you want while posting...) ETA: And [ profile] zandra_x brings it!
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Title: Better Together
Characters: Xander, Buffy, Willow, Dawn
Rating: PG
Notes: BtVS Season 5, between “Listening to Fear” and “Into the Woods.” Xander’s birthday. (By the reckoning of my own internalized canon.) Somewhat inspired by [ profile] liz_marcs's "snot monster from outer space" icon. Fluffy-esque with Season 5 overtones of angst. As usual, mostly dialogue. And, written in an hour tonight. Okay, I'll shut up with the provisos.
For: [ profile] adis723 (who will not see this but through email due to internet limitations) for her birthday. Which was yesterday. Oops.

Better Together )
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Thanks to everyone who read, squeed and pimped the Xander Love post and those who continue to pop in and squee. As [ profile] liz_marcs said, it was fun just for the rows and rows of Xander icons.

I had planned to do Seasons 1-7, but after Seasons 1 & 2 received such a response I thought, do we really need more? Can there be too much Xander love? Well, we all know *my* vote on that one. And secondly, I sort of lost momentum around Season 5 when things start to go the not-so-much Xander route. But I decided not to dwell on that and just hit the Xander things I loved. So here it 'tis: The behemoth (really, not kidding) post of Everything Xander Seasons Three through Seven.

He's Integral )
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So it turns out I have a lot of love for Xander. Who knew? I was going to try to love on him Seasons 1-7 in one post, but, uh, it got lengthy.

Xander Love Seasons 1&2 )

And my last batch of Valentine flist love goes out to some of my favorite Xander lovers. Are you ready to get down, you funky party weasels? I've got lovin' in the basement of debasement for [ profile] bunnyohare, [ profile] chicken_cem, [ profile] liz_marcs, [ profile] mpoetess, [ profile] nwhepcat, [ profile] silvertedy, [ profile] spuzz, [ profile] tesla321 and [ profile] winterlive. And, as always, [ profile] stoney321. (Psst: Stoney - Xander is bi.) And, last but oh, so not least, to my own private Xander: I LOVE YOU [ profile] elcazavampiros!

And thank you to [ profile] ladycat777 and the anonymous givers of virtual love and LJ time!
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Are there any S/X AU fics where *Xander* is the rock star? I just suddenly had a yen for that.

I was thinking the other day about the dearth of Xander/Angel human AUs (possibly a pleasant dearth to most of you) and thought, huh, I should write one. And then I realized that I *had* and was working on a sequel. I used to be very bright.

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Oh, Christ, not another ficathon! Or so you say. *nods sagely* But this one's different. Really. Oh, just keep reading:

[ profile] brandil and I decided to marry two of our loves: Xander and Classic Country Music to create: Music of Pain - a Xander ficathon. All Xander. Any Xander. Slash. Het. Gen. Character study. Haiku. We don't care - as long as it's Xander and it's based on a classic country song. " blows! I don't know any country songs!" you cry. Well, how kind of [ profile] brandil and me to provide you with titles and lyrics, then.

The Rules. What Rules?! )

Dates and Other Stuff )

The Songs )

Sign Ups Thus Far )

Icon by [ profile] adis723. Feel free to use when you post. And I forgot - please *PIMP*
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So I was gonna post about how [ profile] uberaeryn and I went out last night to have a couple of beers and discuss the ends of "Fading" and "Sunday Morning Coming Down," respectively, but she's an LJ bogartin' biotch and already wrote something funnier.

"Drunk. Fic. Coyotes."

She forgot to mention her suggestion that Sunday Morning end with Spike and Xander driving off into the sunset (?) listening to "Don't Stop Believin'."

She also forgot that I briefly became embarrassed that the bartender kept interrupting our conversation to bring more beer, usually as I was saying something like, "Well, I think I get compliments on my Xander voice because, unlike the people I can't write, say Angel and Oz, I would totally do Xander." That doesn't even make sense, but once I overheard bad hair/feral coyote man (read [ profile] uberaeryn's post) talking about margarine vs. butter, I felt my topic of conversation was validated.


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