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Flooding one block behind my house after the thunder storms and tornados that rolled across Oklahoma tonight from northwest of Oklahoma City to the south and southeastern part of the state.

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Thanks to [ profile] stoney321 for updating everyone we were okay after the destructive tornado in south Oklahoma City yesterday. My phone was blowing up all day and night and I wasn't in a great frame of mind. Eddie, Jonah, our fur babies and our house are fine. We live in inner city north, about 3 miles from downtown, which is usually pretty safe from the storms.

I wish all my fellow OKCers were as lucky )

If you'd like to help, is great local source, the Red Cross as always, and if you'd like to do something fannish, I can personally vouch for SPNFamily Fundraiser through, which has already raised over $400 for the American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma: SPNFamily donation.

Love to you guys, thanks for those who have sent emails and messages.
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We just had our 2nd earthquake in 24 hours in Oklahoma! I missed the 2 am one, but this one shook so hard my china cabinet shimmied and our light fixtures swayed for several minutes. Everyone I know in the state is on Facebook talking about it...250 updates of "Hey...did y'all feel that?" haha!

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Annie buzzed me on Facebook to see if we were okay post-tornado, so I thought I might give a quick drive-by post to say that Caza, Jonah and I are fine. The tornado went to the southeast of us (as it usually does -- the May 3, 1999 tornado system that destroyed much of southeastern Oklahoma City and hit its outlying suburbs struck the same area.) 6 people were killed in yesterday's storm, including a child who was struck with debris while waiting outside of a convenience store.

I'm not afraid of tornadoes (and I'm not a storm chaser like some) but I am respectful. I was on the phone with [ profile] cityphonelines when the tornado siren went off, so I checked the weather, keeping her updated. As soon as TV's Gary England (as seen in the movie "Twister") told me the tornado was headed east from Yukon (home of Garth Brooks) I told Vin, "Gotta go" and quickly cleared the bathtub of all ducks, conditioners and glass bottles and got Jonah's toddler mattress ready to place over us.

And then I prayed like mad that I wouldn't have to climb into a bathtub -- under a monkey strewn mattress -- with 2 toddlers, a weenie dog and a radio. The storm went east, leaving us pea-sized hail (hail up to double-softball size was found south of the city) and that scary yellow tornado sky.

It's springtime in Oklahoma. Although the damage is terrible to see (my cousin's wife's sister -- that means we're kin -- lost her home yesterday) and the loss of life is always shocking, it's something I've grown to be respectful of but somewhat inured to. I figure I'm far more likely to die of a stress-induced heart attack in response to Oklahoma's back-asswards politics than I am to have a house fall on me. I hope.


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