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Do you know how hard it is to keep your eye on the ball, widen your stance and keep your curls confined in your doo-rag while [ profile] uberaeryn is yellin' "Yee-haw" and "Woo-hoo!" and "Evil Hand!"? Christian Kane does.

Sue, Uberaeryn and CK at the ballpark with pics! )
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OT3! For me! From [ profile] uberaeryn. So, if you share my Spike/Xander/Angel love, please go read Thrall. Freakin' hot. Freakin' funny. I need an OT3 icon. (Yes, that was a hint. I'm anything but subtle.)
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Just popping in to say [ profile] uberaeryn is okay. Just a bad day and taking a break. She'll be back soon...
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I am really drunk. With [ profile] uberaeryn. We have been drinking many varities of pina (wish I new how to make the n-yay, but Caza isn't here) coladas and Sea Breezes. Lorne! Drink now. We just went through the TV guide with the top Cult Shows ever (Buffy cover with the bloody stake - what's up with that????) [ profile] uberaeryn is in the toilet. We will be posting again later. Maybe.'

She said here: move:

This is [ profile] uberaeryn. We are drunk. Caza is still a humongous butt weasel, as is my husband, [ profile] filterboy.


Anne and Julia, we love you. Marry us.

ETA: From Sue: DId you know that Kathy (uberaeryn) has a cat named Spike? What a butt weasel....
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[ profile] elcazavampiros and I will be throwing our sofa cushions on the floor tonight and sleeping in in OUR NEW HOUSE! It may even involve cheap champagne and hot monkey love - you don't know! It won't, however, involve [ profile] uberaeryn, who is blowing off New House Day in favor of drooling all over Keith Urban tonight. *jealousy poorly disguised as disdain*

And now, because Spam is gross: Like, six posts in one!

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Okay, [ profile] dovil also requested, Spike and Angel getting married and living happily ever after and raising toy poodles. I really wanted to do something with that. However, since it's taken me most of the day to write the damn Scooby story, I pawned that idea off on [ profile] uberaeryn.

I will be happy to explain any southern-isms to my non-American, non-southern, okay, non-pissant town Oklahoman friends, but I thought this was freakin' funny.

"Shanshud Happily Ever After" by [ profile] uberaeryn

Poodles is Funny )


Jan. 29th, 2005 05:13 pm
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[ profile] uberaeryn has finished Fading. Spike/Angel, post "Not Fade Away." Excellent post AtS finale fic that's hot, funny, heart-breaking and full of action. Great voices for all of the characters, but especially Spike, Willow, Buffy, Wesley, Giles, Xander...okay, all of them.


Jan. 18th, 2005 08:54 pm
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So I read the 25 Greatest TV Teen Idols article in TV Guide ("If you have TV Guide, you don't need a TV") and no, I'm not's Caza's subscription. Really. Anyway, David Boreanaz (credited for Buffy, no one ever saw that Angel show, I guess) made #21. This is not why I mention this article, however. It's because Joey Lawrence made #25. Since [ profile] uberaeryn has blabbed shared some of my more, um, eccentric foibles, here's one of hers: She totally had the hots for Joey Lawrence when he was on "Blossom" and she was like 27 and she used to tie a flannel shirt around her hips and go around saying, "Whoa." (Okay, that last bit may be an alcohol fueled delusion from my alcohol fueled late 20s.) But yeah, she totally thought he was hot. Joey Lawrence. The "Whoa" guy.

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So I was gonna post about how [ profile] uberaeryn and I went out last night to have a couple of beers and discuss the ends of "Fading" and "Sunday Morning Coming Down," respectively, but she's an LJ bogartin' biotch and already wrote something funnier.

"Drunk. Fic. Coyotes."

She forgot to mention her suggestion that Sunday Morning end with Spike and Xander driving off into the sunset (?) listening to "Don't Stop Believin'."

She also forgot that I briefly became embarrassed that the bartender kept interrupting our conversation to bring more beer, usually as I was saying something like, "Well, I think I get compliments on my Xander voice because, unlike the people I can't write, say Angel and Oz, I would totally do Xander." That doesn't even make sense, but once I overheard bad hair/feral coyote man (read [ profile] uberaeryn's post) talking about margarine vs. butter, I felt my topic of conversation was validated.


Jan. 9th, 2005 09:44 pm
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Who would have guessed the odds that four of my best real life friends would turn out to be fantastic fic writers? (Well, considering that two of them introduced me to Buffy and fanfic and I met the other two through fic, pretty good odds, actually.)

Never Mind That, Come Look at the Shiny Recs )
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The music swells...for my best friend [ profile] uberaeryn who has finally deigned to use LJ. She's been my partner in snark since back when MTV ran videos, wine coolers only came in two flavors and you could buy a pack of smokes with the change in your couch. She's also the author of some alternately hot/silly SG-1 fic, as well as Buffyverse, et al, which you can find here: Gate Fic

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