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Hi, fandom! I know if you're anything like me, you don't post for a few years and then write a multi-fandom opinion piece about every fic you've read in the past 13 years.

I'm going to talk about my kinks, squicks, tropes, and fic recs in ALL of my many few fandoms since 2004.

Questions to be posed and perhaps answered include:
  • Why does mpreg only work for me in the Harry Potter verse?
  • Why does A/B/O leave me cold? (Actually we can answer that right here: drooling sphincter).
  • Why do crossovers only work for me if you cross a genre fandom with Queer as Folk? Everyone likes the thumpa-thumpa?
  • What is it about me that loves? Adores? Obsesses?
  • Will I ever get tired of J2 AU fic (that doesn't involve drooling sphincters)?
  • Will I be the person who reads every grammatically correct Harry Potter fic ever written (and some of the wonky syntax ones)? Is there a Guinness category for this? How would I prove it?
  • Why do epithets annoy the fuck out of me, but pet names don't? Ask the former Army doctor for me, love.

  • Please join me, if you would, and we'll explore this (and my obsession with kid!fic!) as we scroll through time, space, wizarding space, and navel gazing.

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    Queer as Folk )

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    Happy Birthday, [ profile] adis723!

    In regard to your present, allow me to quote David Boreanaz: It's just so silly! Allow me to follow that up with a Joss Whedon quote: Sometimes I'm derivative and lame. Eh. You love me. And while the vid idea is terribly derivative, the love is sui generis. (Check that Free Rice obsession, huh?)

    SPN Personal Canon
    (As filtered through all of your fandoms, even the ones you don't claim. Oh, and one I just thought was funny.)

    Birthday Blow-Out Mix )
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    Er, if you're expecting a detailed con report replete with pictures, video and precision, this is not the post you're looking for. I believe those posts are here. This is ramble. Babble, maybe. Anyone suggesting tl;dr would not be accused of crazy talk.

    Got Conned? )

    Frederic Lehne & Samantha Ferris )

    Nick Brendon )

    Jensen and Jared )

    And then there was Wincest )

    ETA: [ profile] adis723's take is here
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    Is this thing on? Is...anyone still here?

    While you've been flying to servers hither and yon, Fandom, I've been having the best summer that ever evered! Happily unemployed, full-time slacker student, I've lost 30+ pounds (to date), and gone brunette again (I'm fat - I'm thin, I'm blonde - I'm brunette -- it's like I'm Elizabeth Taylor! TMSt. Elmo's Fire.) I've also discovered (okay, it was there before me, I just stumbled upon it - or more like was shoved) a fandom that has me pulling out all of my mix tapes circa 1989.

    Since I tend to tilt toward tl;dr (especially after an absence such as this) - let's just go the pic route.

    Buffy Sing-a-Long pics )

    Supernatural - That part about never having another fandom? I lied )

    So...that all said, how are YOU? Yeah, yeah, I lose at LJ friendness. But...cleavage!


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