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The Things:

  • Thank you to everyone who checked out my new blog and commented or liked it on Facebook. I was overwhelmed by the response to my dorkdom. Hearts!

  • We are leaving for Walt Disney World in 2 days! It's like the Mother Ship is calling me home!

  • Jonah picked out a hot pink Jeep Cherokee stroller to traverse the parks and is taking his plush Daisy Duck as his Plus One. Between tooling around in a hot pink ride with a duckette wearing lavender and pearls and being super excited about Cinderella's castle, I think my almost 4 year old boy is giving a big FU to traditional gender roles. Can I get a what-what? Of course, his mother will be standing alongside with precisely placed highlights, turquoise glitter polish (looks like town to me) and inches of tanned legs between short-shorts and platforms, looking like a fresh tube of lip gloss on Christmas morn, but we're both keeping it real.

  • I have been KNOCKED OUT by "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men" this season, but woefully underwhelmed by HIMYM. I don't watch a lot of comedies (Community, 30 Rock, HIMYM & Big Bang) but when I'm finding Ted my favorite character, I think something's gone wonky.

  • My husband finished another semester of his doctoral program with a 4.0 for the semester -- his Admin in Higher Ed class was kicking his butt, super tough prof -- and now he only has 4 semesters to go and of course the dissertation. I'm incredibly proud of him as he balances his assoc dean / professor duties in a single income family and still has time to be an involved father and read everything I write and listen to what I overheard at the gym every day.

  • WHY did none of you tell me about "Revenge"??? I watched all aired 20 eps over 2 days. OMG the tawdry fabulous! I also caught up on "Girls" on HBO, and I have thoughts on it, but it needs its own post when I'm not packing and cleaning at the same time.

  • "The Avengers," in case you haven't heard, kicks massive ass. I don't know what Joss Whedon's thing is with schwarma ("I mean, what's that all about? It's a big meat hive!") but I like it. Oh, and if you've seen The Avengers, read this: Avengers Dissemble by [ profile] spuffyduds

  • Hi! Hi! I'm tripping protein bars and lots of Omega 3!
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  • I wrote fic. For the first time since 2007. It may not be the best of fic, but I wrote fic.

  • I am supposed to be over at the theatre at the college Caza works for, watching a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It was a great production, too, with aerobatics and flywork. Instead, I am in Caza's office (on his kick-ass, high speed computer) trying to keep Jonah out of the accouterments of a college dean. I know, I know, you shouldn't try to take a baby to the theatre, but I figured any child of my and Caza's loins was born Bard ready. I was wrong.

  • REC: Fans of rare pairings: [ profile] lunabee34 wrote Xander/Ben (you know, Ben-is-Glory Ben) and it's AWESOME. I would have wigged massively trying to write that pairing, but she wrote something amazing and heartfelt (as well as including one of the most subtle inclusions of Oxnard I've ever read.) Check it out: The Soft Darkness, The Dreamless Sleep. A lot of great writers signed up for this round of the [ profile] maleslashminis, so Xander slash fans, check those out.

  • I am stoned on Aleve D multi-symptom cold medicine and lack of sleep. Thunder (lightning! the way you love me is frightening!) woke me at 4:30 this morning, the baby woke me again at 6:00. I am functioning very well, all things considered.

  • I wrote this big whinge earlier this morning about how my fan fiction is nothing but dialogue on top of dialogue and that nothing ever happens (no rocks fall, no one dies) and then deleted it. Appears even I have some shame.

  • I had one southwest eggroll for lunch. I'm starving.

  • My brother is coming to stay the night for the first since August. He's taking us out for dinner somewhere "fancy" (Melting Pot! I vote Melting Pot!) and buying belated Christmas. Did I mention that my brother is single, six feet tall, a huge Supernatural fan, financially solvent and almost as funny as me? Line forms to the left.

  • This cold medicine is making the inside of my nose smell like wet leaves.

  • I wrote fic!
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    [ profile] menomegirl asked during my "I still love the Buffyverse, yes I do!" post if I would make a meta recs post. I had the time. This is the result.

    Buffyverse Meta Links )

    Notes )
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    Still not really here - same reason (work, which I don't have time to whine about, and you really don't wanna read) however, should have better news on the work front soon.

    Fic Recs / Website Update )


    Oct. 28th, 2005 07:28 pm
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    Expecting by [ profile] entrenous88
    Spike/Xander, NC-17 MPREG (male pregnancy)

    Why should you read it if you haven't or aren't inclined to because of the "m" word? Excellent characterization with most of the BtVS characters represented. Strong and explicable Spike/Xander relationship, believable canon-based friendships and the mpreg scenario is set-up wonderfully with the Scoobies using all of their skills and humor to handle it. If you're inclined toward Spike/Xander but not had a good experience (or lacked interest) in mpreg - it's really worth a read. Above all else, it's well written Buffyverse fic, and that's nothing to sneeze at.


    Oct. 16th, 2005 02:57 pm
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    Taking my own advice:

    This has to be one of the best post I've ever read about LJ fandom: Cesspit of Love by [ profile] tkp

    And thank you to all who read and pimped my "slouching" post. Sorry if it came off preachy, I was really going for whimsy. :)

    Lost pimp

    Oct. 9th, 2005 11:24 am
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    Okay, I think most of the people on my flist who are watching "Lost" and into reading Jack/Sawyer already know who she is, but this was so good I had to pimp, just in case.

    Boom! 3/3 by [ profile] uberaeryn: Jack/Sawyer - Her J/S slash is always good, but this one has some screen-spitting funny Sawyer-Hurley-Sayid-Charlie interaction as well as a few well-placed Buffy shout-outs. Funny, hot and insightful - all in one fic!
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    Two stories are currently hitting my major kink: S/X that reads like gen-fic. Yes, it's fair to say that my kinks are vanilla. These stories aren't.

    The Assistant, Part 14, by [ profile] witling. Spike/Xander with Wesley POV and Angelus. It ties my stomach up in knots and takes away my words. I used to be able to leave coherent feedback. If you read S/X or even well written fic and you aren't reading this...I'm guessing you're just busy. Previous parts: here.

    "The Spike and Xander Love Story Told By Everyone Else Cause They're Too Stupid To Figure It Out" (not the real title, I just think that's funny) by [ profile] ladycat777: Part One and Part Two. I asked her for UST, she gave me brilliance. Buffy voice! Willow voice! And, oh my god, latent Spillow love that hasn't reared its head since [ profile] spikedluv stopped writing Spike/Willow. The dialogue! And the interaction! And the...UST-y-ness. (Now you're seeing why I haven't written in a while.)

    I've read a lot of great stuff lately (notably [ profile] entrenous88's Xander/Andrew - Xandrew! Amazing Xandrew!) but those have had me jaw-dropped.


    Aug. 17th, 2005 08:12 pm
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    [ profile] club_joss is discussing Without Ceremony by [ profile] elenabtvs on my recommendation.

    It's a post "The Gift" gen fic that details the moments leading up to Buffy's burial (building the coffin, preparing the body, Willow's trip to LA to tell Angel.) It's written first person in Willow's POV, and allows the reader to get inside her head. The characterization is flawless (all of the main characters are represented) and the prose is wonderful. It's everything I loved about "The Gift" and everything I wish had been in "Bargaining."

    (It also led to me writing SMCD, so I could be a bit biased.) So there's a rec, if you'd like to read and discuss. Or just read, because I think it's worth it.


    Aug. 2nd, 2005 06:39 pm
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    She would only do it for love of me. And one kick-ass song. [ profile] karabair wrote Xander-slash!! Good Xander slash! Without Spike - but I'm not asking for miracles, only slight wonders. :)

    For the Music of Pain fic-a-thon:

    "Highway Kind"
    by [ profile] karabair
    Part One, Part Two and Part Three
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    Happy Birthday, [ profile] kyrieane!

    [ profile] ladycat777 and [ profile] _sharvie_: I figured out how to update my website, so I won't have to get a new one! Yippy skippy!

    Updates, deletions, new recs )


    May. 2nd, 2005 05:49 pm
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    [ profile] altyronsmaker wrote a lovely S/X reunion ficlet for me. It's here: Reunion
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    OT3! For me! From [ profile] uberaeryn. So, if you share my Spike/Xander/Angel love, please go read Thrall. Freakin' hot. Freakin' funny. I need an OT3 icon. (Yes, that was a hint. I'm anything but subtle.)
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    Thank you all so much for all the lovely birthday wishes!!! (And for pretending not to notice my subtle birthday reminder - I am a birthday!whore - gotta be the girl with the most cake. Okay, I just quoted Courtney Love and grossed out Stoney.)

    Sharing My New Toys )
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    Squee #1: I finished Chapter 15 of Sunday Morning Coming Down and am fixin' to send it to beta. First "real" writing I've done on it since...December. *boggles* Can now come out of exile. (Kinda)

    Squee #2: Some kind soul gave me 2 months paid LJ time. *kisses in that hot anonymous way*

    Squee #3: [ profile] uberaeryn's Spike/Giles This One Does is adding to my competition at the Shades of Grey awards. that a squee?

    Squee #4: Only one and half hours more 'til I can open the b-day present [ profile] anelith sent me over a week ago and cruelly marked "Do Not Open 'til April 25."

    Squee #5: While waiting for [ profile] winterlive to finish "Joe" (she's been teasing me all night) she just updated: Joe - I have been gah-ing over [ profile] janedavitt and [ profile] wesleysgirl's fabulous Saturation, which is the best Xander & Giles & Spike future fic I've ever read.

    Squee #6: Hidden chocolate found.

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    Okay, I'll have to do this sans icon. If you've somehow stumbled across my journal because (well, I don't know why - [ profile] dovil, [ profile] stoney321 or [ profile] karabair told you to, maybe?) and you've been reading happily or skimming merrily and thinking, well, yes, seems like an amusing girl - *love the hair* - but there's that unfortunate Spike/Xander obsession...don't get that a'tall. (Everyone on my flist sounds like John Cleese, apparently.)

    Here's the explanation for the S/X obsession: Untitled by [ profile] winterlive. I beta'd this last night, and she reminded me of why I love S/X in the first place. And she did it with canon (well, mostly, c'mon, we're talking slash here, people!) But there were no spells, no wishes, no Xander-is-really-Giles'-son-or-maybe-he's-Connor-but-whatever-as-long-as-he-has-a-three-way-with-Spike-and-Angel.

    It's slash like it used to be - before people got tired and pouted, "I don't wanna have to think. I don't wanna explain UST. I'll just make them gay cowboys and watch the feedback roll in..." Go read it. Shoo.

    Confidential to Winter: Dude - you need a title.

    Self-pimp: Thanks to whoever nominated Sunday Morning Coming Down at the Shades of Grey awards. And congrats to two of my oldest old time friends, [ profile] karabair and [ profile] spikendru for their noms, as well.
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    The Recs )
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    'Cause today's been a *lot* more on the shiny happy happy joy joy side.

    Things that are pretty damn close to fantastic:

    I woke up with almost the entire plot of the "Rodeo" sequel in my head. Told Stoney about it. She didn't hurl.

    [ profile] stoney321 is back! And she's already being funny! Vag DanielsTM

    [ profile] karabair and [ profile] uberaeryn both wrote amazing happy Wes fics Rumble, Young Man, Wes/Gunn friendship and Dreaming in Blue, Wes/Illyria.

    [ profile] tgray is making my inner S/X angst whore do slutty cartwheels (no panties) with Tangled Hearts.

    [ profile] literati made absolutely glorious icons for BtVs/AtS, as well as X-Files and Lost. [ profile] winterlive also has pretty icons (I particularly like tied to a chair.)

    My shiny new workstudy (yes! I have a workstudy! Whee!) thought I was 27. (Everyone under 30 on my flist ignore that. The rest of you, squee with me!)


    Jan. 29th, 2005 05:13 pm
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    [ profile] uberaeryn has finished Fading. Spike/Angel, post "Not Fade Away." Excellent post AtS finale fic that's hot, funny, heart-breaking and full of action. Great voices for all of the characters, but especially Spike, Willow, Buffy, Wesley, Giles, Xander...okay, all of them.


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