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I have started a new Wordpress blog I have whimsically titled "Beyond Beans 'n' Tators" where I will share recipes and my healthy eating journey, as well as post the random observations that blurt onto my keyboard (see above re: blog). Each post will have a low-fat or healthy recipe I have vetted and things I've found useful in getting healthy, active and losing weight.

If you'd be willing to check it out and maybe leave a comment on at least the inaugural post, especially if I have poured piles of squeeing feedback on your fic and kitten posts for years (haha, shameless emotional manipulation) I would greatly appreciate. However, if you hate food and awesome, I get that, too.

Beyond Beans and Tators: Hey Hey What Can I Do
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I haven't made a recipe post in 4-EVER! Mainly because, in the time it took to type this up, I had to say "Quit it. Stop hitting him, Jonah. Give that back. Can't you share? Who threw this? Why is this sticky? WHERE ARE YOUR SOCKS???" So...yeah.

This is our menu for the week (although I didn't realize that I had planned to make both Dilled Pot Roast and Pork Schnitzel in the same week, so I will probably just make a traditional pot roast with potatoes and carrots.)

Comfort Food )

Remember, as always, that I am not a vegetarian and I never met a starch I didn't like.
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Started Weight Watcher's last Saturday, lost 3.2 lbs the first week (and that included a 3-day visit from my brother which involved pizza, Cajun food, barbecue and eating at the zoo snack bar.) I, in a word, rule.

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Saw Julie & Julia yesterday with Caza and my love for Meryl Streep never wanes, not matter how much of a no-brainer loving Meryl Streep is. There was a lovely bit that reminded me of meeting LJ friends in person for the first time, and I teared up a bit over Vinnie, Laura, Andrea, Anne, etc. And then there was butter and my soul was at peace. :)

Jonah's birthday party is this coming Saturday (I KNOW!) and I am doing a hot dog bar. Grilled, all-beef Nathan's hot dogs, with everything from mustard to cheese to sauerkraut to chili sauce to choose from. For a utility hot dog (movies, ball games, etc) I like simple mustard and relish on a plain bun. For a kicked-up at-home hot dog, though, I want mustard, relish, sauerkraut and onions on a whole-wheat bun.

Caza likes his with a slice of processed American cheese and ketchup. Yuck. Most people around here seem to like the "Texas" style dog with chili, cheddar cheese and jalapenos. In South Korea, they're coated with sugar. In Venezuela, street vendors sell "perros con todo" ("dogs with all") with chopped cabbage, potato chip crumbs, chopped onion, white cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and tomato sauce. My weirdo friend [ profile] uberaeryn eats them cold out of the package and my friend Michele only likes them boiled on the stove top (ick.)

What about you guys? Are Tofu dogs edible? Are New Zealand hot dogs actually mullet in disguise? What do you want on your weinie??? And what do you call it? Hot dog? Frank? Coney? Tube steak?

I have two sleeping babies and about an hour to kill. Hit me.
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Tex-Mex, Asian-Indian, Comfort Food )

Recipe Index:
Super-Spicy Chicken Enchiladas
Beef Carnitas
Guacamole and Pico de Gallo
Coconut Curry Thai Chicken
Edamame "Hummus"
Chicken Tikka Masala
Curried Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Tomatoes
Beef'n'Turkey Goulash
Pan-Seared Pork with Kiwi-Pineapple Salsa
Individual Orange Chocolate Cheesecakes
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A couple of people asked for the results of my search for chocolate chip cookie recipe perfection, and I'm always happy to share. However, the "perfect" chocolate chip cookie has left this stuck in my head:

Yes, Brad, it's something we ourselves have been working on for quite some time.
{ "a working vibrator!" }
But it seems our friend { "a friendly vibrator!" }
here has found a means of perfecting it. {"THE PERFECT VIBRATOR!")

Which just shows you that my brain will be always and forever 19 with a pocket full of rice and toast and a water pistol hidden in my waistband.

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So my midwife said I could go back on Weight Watchers (the calorie watching, not necessarily the program) if I added an extra dairy a day. This is day two. Although I know I'm not actually hungry, I'm starting to wonder what keyboard tastes like. *sigh*

Happy belated birthday, [ profile] dancetomato! I hope you had a lovely one. *dances for you*

Does anyone have a rice recipe (pilaf, risotto, etc - er, fake risotto, I don't have any orzo) they'd care to share with me? I have jasmine rice, white rice (instant) and brown rice but I've always been a potato person and I'm not sure what to do with it.

Our friends Jen & Cherie are having us over tonight to use their doppler so that Caza can hear the baby's heartbeat and I'm making them dinner in return. (Roasted Garlic-Lemon Chicken, Crunchy Asian Salad, Green Beans with Almonds and Lemon Cheese Pie...and rice of some kind. Feel free to drive in for dinner if you're close!) Thanks for any help!

Andrea? Vin? Want a phone call to hear the whooshing?
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[ profile] tx_cronopio had a recipe post earlier with a Southern Cornbread Dressing recipe. This confused a few northern folks who take "dressing" to mean salad dressing. I believe in parts of the world that are *not* the southern United States, it's referred to as "stuffing." Someone on her flist giggled at the idea of a "cornbread salad dressing" and I realized that I actually have a recipe for a cornbread salad.

What follows are not Weight Watchers friendly recipes. There will also be no reduction sauces, pine nuts nor the use of a demi-glace of any kind. And they're random and not all terribly seasonal. They are, however, the foods I most associate with my Mama and my Granny and family and growing up all country and stuff.


Now, if YOU would like to share with me favorite family recipes, foods, Thanksgiving foods and traditions, stories - please do! You don't have to have recipes, you can say "I freakin' hate homestyle meals - I eat my bowl of lentils and soy by myself in the kitchen while those freaks snarf their bacon-wraped-butter!" Or you can explicate your feelings on my chocolate gravy recipe - whatev. It's y'all or Spanish homework right now. I choose y'all.
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Sorry I haven't been around much doing...whatever it is I do. I haven't felt particularly amusing or commenty or typey, though I did read some fic last night.

I feel very southern today. Possibly because I took the day off and in doing so watched Ellen where she was calling her mother "Mama" and gave her a red velvet cake for her birthday. So I turned to Caza and said, "Wanna make a red velvet cake?" A trip to the store and several red tinged fingers later, it's in the oven.

I love red velvet cake, particulary the way my Mama used to make it. It's just so damn southern - what other culture would want to eat a bright red "blood of the innocent" cake? (Remember that scene in Steel Magnolias? I've always wanted to try an armadillo shaped one, but I don't have the counter space.) Red velvet was always Mom's contribution to church and fair cake walks. Remember cake walks? It's sort of like Musical Chairs but without all the shoving. You walk around in a circle and if you land on a square marked cake, you get one. Not the most challenging game, but it gave us the phrase, "it'll be a cake walk." Sue = font of knowledge you already had.

Hahahaha! I just remembered that I made a heart-shaped red velvet cake for [ profile] uberaeryn's AtS "Not Fade Away" viewing party. [ profile] karabair, remember how disappointed I was that I couldn't find a stake to slam through it? The only stakes I could find were the flat ones. Although it was fun to tell the guy at Home Depot, "No, not these flat ones - the round pointy kind like you'd kill a vampire with." Where's Xander and his carving skills when you need him?

The bad thing is that my hands are now stained red from the food coloring. I keep staring down at them and wishing them clean, unsure whether to make a Faith reference from "Sanctuary" or go the Lady Macbeth route. I'm a dork. Anyway, here's Mom's recipe:

Red Velvet Cake )


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