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Jensen was a cheerleader...and so was I. <~~~~ for [ profile] kittyzams

Ahem. What I used to do before fandom.

Jonah's favorite thing is the monkey mp3 player that he received from his Aunt Vin and Brandi & Sally. Yesterday I actually had time to make a page for his mp3 player for his baby album and I was so proud of how well it turned out, I emailed it to [ profile] adis723 (who now has a greater respect for scrapbooking. Hah! Suck it, haters!) and decided to share it here.

It's so good, in fact, that I'm thinking of entering it in the scrapbooking craft division of the State Fair next year. Um...who am I, and what have I done with PornyDiamondSue? *cries*

The Effulgent Scrapbook Page )

And a random question for the f-list: what's up with the under-20 online crowd "decorating" every sentence with randomly placed and utterly unnecessary semi-colons? I constantly see:

;;LOL girl lol;; inorite!!!!;

I actually asked one girl what was up with the semi-colon abuse and she said, "Oh, you mean the little earring-looking-things?" O_O

How are you guys this morning?
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I now interrupt my busy schedule of calling every English teacher/grad student/librarian I know (thank you, [ profile] ladycat777, [ profile] likeadeuce, [ profile] femmenerd and [ profile] tkp) to whine about my first back-to-school paper (it's four pages and they want four external sources - wtf?) to point you toward this:

Scruffy, Pretty Things. Jared Padalecki owes me corneas.

And where the hell does Jensen Ackles buy his jeans? When did my life become a random series of sound effects, Chaucer incest and tracking down the exact denim wash Jensen Ackles is wearing in this post?

Guys, I squeezed my ass into a pair of size 6 jeans today. And it wasn't even, like, a sausage squeeze. There was wiggle room - I could have shoved a bong in my waistband and gone on tour with Kane - I'm going to kill [ profile] adis723. She's totally ruined my brain.

But it's the little pleasures these days. Tom Welling with scruff, a pair of jeans I can't afford yet are five sizes smaller than the ones I was wearing in April, the fact that a light mocha frappucino (no whip) is only 3 Weight Watcher's points *and* we watched "Holy Grail" in my Chaucer class today...that's pure happiness, right there.

Wow. This post is so beyond esoteric it''s like I wrote it in Urdu and then ran it through BabelFish. Sorry! See what you're not missing? *g* God bless Texas.

Oh! *That's* What I Wanted to Talk About )
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Just a reminder...10 days until Music of Pain fics are due. Do you know what your Xander's doing? I have *one* line written. But [ profile] brandil said it was a good line...

White Knight Awards, MA trip and why today was pretty sweet )


Jun. 22nd, 2005 10:22 am
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Wanna know the best thing about using Live Journal tags?

You get to see exactly how many pointless, lame-ass posts you've made.

Much like this one.
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End of Semester.
Too many people - too many problems.
No time to play on LJ.
No time to write.
Confidential to those I beta for: I'll be better. I swear. After this week? We're golden.
Confidential to [ profile] brandil: Sorry I flaked! Too much stress. I'll have it up tonight.
Confidential to [ profile] adis723: Quit snickering and don't say a word!!!
Confidential to [ profile] stoney321: Jesus Chriiiist.

ETA: *THIS* is what happens when RL causes you to let your online life slide: Renee Zellweger marries Kenny Chesney! (Hell hath no fury like a Keith Urban scorned.) Spamalot sweeps the Tonys! And KC of KC and the Sunshine Band takes an unintentional stage dive stating, "I picked the wrong pair of Boogie Shoes!"
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Well, the writer's, anyway.

Confidential to [ profile] winterlive and [ profile] entrenous88: You are the shiniest new shiny things I've had in a while. I want to hold you in my hands like Barbies and bounce you up and down and make you talk to each other. The possibilities that I'm weird - not inconsiderable. Don't leave me! Seriously, you're both making LJ like way fun.

Open to all: I need recs. The Yinathon stories aren't updating fast enough! I'm a speed reader!! So. I need Xangel (just really in the mood right now, I blame uberaeryn), Spander, Spangel, Spike/Giles/Xander (I blame wesleysgirl) Brian/Justin and just anything (Note: I do enjoy het, I just don't look for it, anything with Xander works. Femme slash is good. Er, not with Xander, you get what I mean) else you'd think I'd read. New friends? What you got? Rec me, please!!! I can't wait on Stoney to update "Connie" all day...

Confidential to [ profile] _beetle_ - thanks, you rock!

So, what's going on? Anything?
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The Random )
The Recs )
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Thanks to [ profile] vampirefever, I was forced to confront one of my fears button-eyes and plushy faced this morning: fear of stuffed animals.

Then I began to wonder if there was an actual phobia assigned to my fear (well, it's primarily of stuffed animals dressed up like people - your garden variety teddy bear won't make me soil myself or anything, but you show me a Paddington Bear in that little yellow slicker and we're talking heebie jeebies...)

I checked out the list of phobias and found out that there isn't a fancy Greek term for my fear - so I made one up: agriplushiphobia.

There are, however, three different phobias dealing with fear of an erect penis:

Ithyphallophobia- Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.
Medorthophobia- Fear of an erect penis.
Phallophobia- Fear of a penis, esp erect.


And this one's just funny:

Lutraphobia- Fear of otters.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - now, stop pinching me, Stoney! Or do it harder.
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This is one of those excessive love moments where I snog [ profile] secondverse and [ profile] ladycat777 really hard and the rest of you either look away in chagrin or ogle us with lascivious glee.

They pimped me, people read, I got love. And friendage. Waves hello to:

[ profile] cara_leigh9 , [ profile] charisstoma , [ profile] collinwood , [ profile] loopy_1981 , [ profile] mousehounde , [ profile] sangpassionne (whose name I love), [ profile] southernjade , and [ profile] sunshine18 .

In honor of my flist (old and new) I'm going to post a Spander version of the game Mad Libs for you all to enjoy (and amuse me with) once I get the frickin' cut to work. I should have more SMCD to post, but I was on the phone with [ profile] stoney321 (our first phone chat!) last night, talking about vampires, WT, "Silence of the Lambs," taking things too seriously, Weddin' World, switch pullin' and swinging. I love us.

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In honor of my friend [ profile] karabair and her awesome "chipmunk heart" analogy of Spike's love for Buffy, I present the following musical interlude. (Thanks to Paul Westerberg.) To the tune of "Dyslexic Heart":

Na nanana na nanana na na
Na na na na nana etc.
Ah ah ah...

You shoot me glances and they’re so hard to read
It would simple things up so much if you’d stop saving me

I may be love’s bitch and I’m not that smart

But at least my accent sounds the part

I’m in love with pain cause I got a chipmunk heart

I’m a monster that you treat like a man cause I got a chipmunk heart


I know you don’t but thanks for saying

I’m beneath you, now you’re on top,

Could I be more naked, thanks for not slaying

Do I read you correctly; lead me directly
I don’t get that whole cookie dough part

Do I hate you? do I slay you?
Do I got a chipmunk heart?

Me and Angel - you keep us both twistin’ ‘round you
Guess you’re waitin’ to see which one will shanshu

Or are you just playing, twisting my guts?

Well, my heart thinks you’re both nuts


I may be love’s bitch cause I got a chipmunk heart!


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