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Jensen was a cheerleader...and so was I. <~~~~ for [ profile] kittyzams

Ahem. What I used to do before fandom.

Jonah's favorite thing is the monkey mp3 player that he received from his Aunt Vin and Brandi & Sally. Yesterday I actually had time to make a page for his mp3 player for his baby album and I was so proud of how well it turned out, I emailed it to [ profile] adis723 (who now has a greater respect for scrapbooking. Hah! Suck it, haters!) and decided to share it here.

It's so good, in fact, that I'm thinking of entering it in the scrapbooking craft division of the State Fair next year. Um...who am I, and what have I done with PornyDiamondSue? *cries*

The Effulgent Scrapbook Page )

And a random question for the f-list: what's up with the under-20 online crowd "decorating" every sentence with randomly placed and utterly unnecessary semi-colons? I constantly see:

;;LOL girl lol;; inorite!!!!;

I actually asked one girl what was up with the semi-colon abuse and she said, "Oh, you mean the little earring-looking-things?" O_O

How are you guys this morning?
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Thank you all so much for your lovely, funny, witty and squeeful thoughts and wishes for Jonah's safe and healthy birth. We are still in shock that he is actually here (and real) but we're already totally in love. Caza said the other day, "I've never seen you this passionate about anything." "Except for Buffy," I said while skillfully piecing together a dual-breast pump in under 10 minutes. "Except for Buffy," he agreed quickly.

Thank you, too, to [ profile] lycomingst for the e-card and to [ profile] spikendru, [ profile] luvxander, [ profile] mpoetess, [ profile] globalfruitbat and [ profile] mireille719 for the cuuute ducky virtual gifts and to [ profile] ewokgirl for all of the incoming breastfeeding info and links. Big huge thank you hugs to Andrea, Anne, Laura and Vinnie for everything. I am a sobbing mess of hormonal joy and you guys are a big part of the reason.

I'm gonna take a brief LJ hiatus (and hopefully a nap) but I leave you with:

Pictures of Jonah )
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Greetings from Hell on Earth! I'm not even going to address the stupidity (and possible Sonics-transfer butt-hurt at work here) of the writer, other than to say that I have been to West Memphis, AR at midnight and to a Port-a-Potty in Mexico City during July and I therefore know of hell on earth as far as the Western World goes and OKC is so very not it.

'Sup, y'all? )

Please tell me something that doesn't involve the words lactation, effacement or, um, cervical mucus. (Unless it's Faith/Buffy cervical mucus. That, as always, is fine.)
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Is this thing on? Is...anyone still here?

While you've been flying to servers hither and yon, Fandom, I've been having the best summer that ever evered! Happily unemployed, full-time slacker student, I've lost 30+ pounds (to date), and gone brunette again (I'm fat - I'm thin, I'm blonde - I'm brunette -- it's like I'm Elizabeth Taylor! TMSt. Elmo's Fire.) I've also discovered (okay, it was there before me, I just stumbled upon it - or more like was shoved) a fandom that has me pulling out all of my mix tapes circa 1989.

Since I tend to tilt toward tl;dr (especially after an absence such as this) - let's just go the pic route.

Buffy Sing-a-Long pics )

Supernatural - That part about never having another fandom? I lied )

So...that all said, how are YOU? Yeah, yeah, I lose at LJ friendness. But...cleavage!


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