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Hi, fandom! I know if you're anything like me, you don't post for a few years and then write a multi-fandom opinion piece about every fic you've read in the past 13 years.

I'm going to talk about my kinks, squicks, tropes, and fic recs in ALL of my many few fandoms since 2004.

Questions to be posed and perhaps answered include:
  • Why does mpreg only work for me in the Harry Potter verse?
  • Why does A/B/O leave me cold? (Actually we can answer that right here: drooling sphincter).
  • Why do crossovers only work for me if you cross a genre fandom with Queer as Folk? Everyone likes the thumpa-thumpa?
  • What is it about me that loves? Adores? Obsesses?
  • Will I ever get tired of J2 AU fic (that doesn't involve drooling sphincters)?
  • Will I be the person who reads every grammatically correct Harry Potter fic ever written (and some of the wonky syntax ones)? Is there a Guinness category for this? How would I prove it?
  • Why do epithets annoy the fuck out of me, but pet names don't? Ask the former Army doctor for me, love.

  • Please join me, if you would, and we'll explore this (and my obsession with kid!fic!) as we scroll through time, space, wizarding space, and navel gazing.

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    I will never be multi-fannish. I know this. I am a Cocker Spaniel of fandom loyalty. My Buffyverse investment wanes and ebbs, but it never subsides. It's currently cranked up to 11. I've been spending my snow days re-watching eps (currently season seven, two and five, in no particular order) and reading and re-reading fic (and leaving comments because I am AWESOME!) uploading fic to archives and reading old meta and scribbling a line or two of fic (yeah, I have no illusions about how that will turn out) and all-out wallowing in a love for the Buffyverse that will never die. It pops out of my subconscious in random quotes and geeky non sequiturs. Reading the fic makes me want to be a better writer; watching the show makes me want to be a better person. And to quote the prescient Miss Dionne Warwick, I know I'll never love this way again.

    And I'm pretty much exhausting [ profile] cityphonelines and [ profile] lunabee34 with my shiny (old) obsession. So.

    IP logging is always off (stalk me, all ye young and tender maidens) anonymous comments are always on: Ask me anything about the Buffyverse. About 'ships (canon and unconventional.) About plotlines controversial or contrived. About characters and my love or lack thereof. About the Buffy fandom that was, and what little I see of the Buffy fandom that is. Ask my opinion of a fic you wrote if you want honesty (I'll squee if I squee, I'll email if I concrit.) Ask me about a fic I wrote, or one I didn't write, or one I should have. Ask me about Buffy's coats or Xander's shoes, Cordy's hair or Giles' eyes. Ask me why I love Xander, or why I love, hell, Vi. I don't care.

    Ask me anything, just let me talk about my Buffy-love because Caza's heard it all for 10 years and Jonah's 18-month-old contribution is to yell, "Kitty-cat!" whenever Angel vamps out and growls. (I shit you not -- it's a thing of beauty and joy forever.)

    ASK ME ANYTHING -- as long as you're humming Nerf Herder under your breath.


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