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I have started a new Wordpress blog I have whimsically titled "Beyond Beans 'n' Tators" where I will share recipes and my healthy eating journey, as well as post the random observations that blurt onto my keyboard (see above re: blog). Each post will have a low-fat or healthy recipe I have vetted and things I've found useful in getting healthy, active and losing weight.

If you'd be willing to check it out and maybe leave a comment on at least the inaugural post, especially if I have poured piles of squeeing feedback on your fic and kitten posts for years (haha, shameless emotional manipulation) I would greatly appreciate. However, if you hate food and awesome, I get that, too.

Beyond Beans and Tators: Hey Hey What Can I Do
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4.3 If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?

4.4 I'm Alive and On Fire

We had a rough week this week. Our air conditioner went out during a 105 to 110 degree heat wave. It was 96 degrees in our house at one point! We know a guy who knows a guy, though, and he was able to come out and redneck-rig it so we didn't have to get a new compressor ($2000) just yet. The heat caused Jonah to get sick the first night, and then I ended up a the doctor's office with high blood pressure -- I've always had low! The doctor said it was just stress, but I was light-headed and cruddy feeling for days. So I've just now got my True Blood recap from last week, along with this past Sunday, posted.

It's been a rough week and I still haven't gotten to see Deathly Hallows 2 due to child care and wonky schedules. So go read my recaps and leave me feedback or like it on Facebook, please. What? Too much? :)
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The "prom dress to Glinda costume" poll resulted in a resounding YES! (which was good, since I was already up to my elbows in Rose Pink RIT when the final votes came in.)

[ profile] elcazavampiros and I went to a couple of Halloween parties with our friends Martin (Beer Man) and Michele (Hooters Girl) last night. There was booze and glitter and boobs and it was like I was living in a bad!fic.

There are silly anecdotes about Janet Reno woman (turned out NOT to be a costume) and a pervy Roman Centurion and a whole night of non-stop bad!fic action, but I'm exhausted from the sotto-voiced mocking of it all and can only offer carefully staged (and still quite sober) photographs from Michele's living room.

Pink is My Signature Color - Halloween Pics )
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Is this thing on? Is...anyone still here?

While you've been flying to servers hither and yon, Fandom, I've been having the best summer that ever evered! Happily unemployed, full-time slacker student, I've lost 30+ pounds (to date), and gone brunette again (I'm fat - I'm thin, I'm blonde - I'm brunette -- it's like I'm Elizabeth Taylor! TMSt. Elmo's Fire.) I've also discovered (okay, it was there before me, I just stumbled upon it - or more like was shoved) a fandom that has me pulling out all of my mix tapes circa 1989.

Since I tend to tilt toward tl;dr (especially after an absence such as this) - let's just go the pic route.

Buffy Sing-a-Long pics )

Supernatural - That part about never having another fandom? I lied )

So...that all said, how are YOU? Yeah, yeah, I lose at LJ friendness. But...cleavage!
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Democracy at work. 'Cause who doesn't like buttons?

Award Sites )
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OMG - today has been one of those days that's carved out of chocolate and shot all over with daisies and moonbeams, you know? Just one of those rainbows shootin' out of my butt kind of days. Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to read the update of SMCD, that fic that got me a flist and then I kinda forgot to keep updating...I will be replying back later, but just know you rock, mkay?

State of the Sue!Verse )
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Thank you all so much for all the lovely birthday wishes!!! (And for pretending not to notice my subtle birthday reminder - I am a birthday!whore - gotta be the girl with the most cake. Okay, I just quoted Courtney Love and grossed out Stoney.)

Sharing My New Toys )
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Squee #1: I finished Chapter 15 of Sunday Morning Coming Down and am fixin' to send it to beta. First "real" writing I've done on it since...December. *boggles* Can now come out of exile. (Kinda)

Squee #2: Some kind soul gave me 2 months paid LJ time. *kisses in that hot anonymous way*

Squee #3: [ profile] uberaeryn's Spike/Giles This One Does is adding to my competition at the Shades of Grey awards. that a squee?

Squee #4: Only one and half hours more 'til I can open the b-day present [ profile] anelith sent me over a week ago and cruelly marked "Do Not Open 'til April 25."

Squee #5: While waiting for [ profile] winterlive to finish "Joe" (she's been teasing me all night) she just updated: Joe - I have been gah-ing over [ profile] janedavitt and [ profile] wesleysgirl's fabulous Saturation, which is the best Xander & Giles & Spike future fic I've ever read.

Squee #6: Hidden chocolate found.

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I have been doing a lot of beta work lately. *A lot* Last night, I got an email from one of my newer writers that, in addition to thanks for my *fine* beta job, included: I really appreciate you taking time do this for me, and I would love to hear sometime what the writing process is like for you. You have such an eye for detail and the ability to really get the sound of the characters' voices down. I think I would benefit from hearing how you do it." This? Is either a budding writer's shrewd attempt at keeping me beta-ing happily, or the absolute, unequivocal TRUTH. I'm going with the latter.

So all shall benefit from her cunning, as I give you "The Writing Process" by [ profile] crazydiamondsue. Er, this won't be a well thought out thesis on the skills I've learned in becoming a better writer. I'm not actually [ profile] secondverse, I only impersonate her at cocktail parties. And although this is an illustration of just one incident (last night), it's pretty much indicative of the whole thing.

The Writing Process )

ETA: I just realized that I wrote: the final Bad Smut day ficlet. Hee - Freudian slip, thy name is Sue. Eh. I'm not changin' it.
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Memes. God's gift to not being able to think of anything to write and still wanting to be online and avoiding work, anyway.

Snagged from [ profile] karabair

Me? You? Me? Meme )
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'Cause today's been a *lot* more on the shiny happy happy joy joy side.

Things that are pretty damn close to fantastic:

I woke up with almost the entire plot of the "Rodeo" sequel in my head. Told Stoney about it. She didn't hurl.

[ profile] stoney321 is back! And she's already being funny! Vag DanielsTM

[ profile] karabair and [ profile] uberaeryn both wrote amazing happy Wes fics Rumble, Young Man, Wes/Gunn friendship and Dreaming in Blue, Wes/Illyria.

[ profile] tgray is making my inner S/X angst whore do slutty cartwheels (no panties) with Tangled Hearts.

[ profile] literati made absolutely glorious icons for BtVs/AtS, as well as X-Files and Lost. [ profile] winterlive also has pretty icons (I particularly like tied to a chair.)

My shiny new workstudy (yes! I have a workstudy! Whee!) thought I was 27. (Everyone under 30 on my flist ignore that. The rest of you, squee with me!)
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Her splendiferousness, [ profile] tgray , got my layout all pretty again with the boys, so check it out and feel free to drool copiously (just don't get it on my Spander.)

What's up with me? Glad you asked. I'm working on the next part of Sunday Morning (I woke up with Spike poking the shit out of me and saying, "What the bloody hell is this shite with Xander and the Poof being gay cowboys? I want to bugger Harris over a straight back chair and I want it now!") I hope to get it to my beta later and post it someday around midnight.

In other news, I sent the fantastic [ profile] reremouse (are you reading her S/X news paper drabbles? You so should be) a tongue-in-cheek OKC story and she used it! Daily Oklahoman Edition 

[ profile] darkhavens has written what has to be my favorite of her beyond-words drabbles. It's here: Take Me Away From All This and [ profile] kyrieane did something amazing with Sounds in Silence.

There will be an extended post later about what I have learned about gay rodeo in the past few days, but if I don't work on Sunday Morning the five people reading it are going to gay my rodeo. (I don't know what that means, it's something my mom used to do when she was irritated with me, taking the last thing I said and telling me she'd do it to me. It lead to weird statements like: "I'll spill your Gatorade!" and "I'll mix your tape!")


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