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  • I wrote fic. For the first time since 2007. It may not be the best of fic, but I wrote fic.

  • I am supposed to be over at the theatre at the college Caza works for, watching a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It was a great production, too, with aerobatics and flywork. Instead, I am in Caza's office (on his kick-ass, high speed computer) trying to keep Jonah out of the accouterments of a college dean. I know, I know, you shouldn't try to take a baby to the theatre, but I figured any child of my and Caza's loins was born Bard ready. I was wrong.

  • REC: Fans of rare pairings: [ profile] lunabee34 wrote Xander/Ben (you know, Ben-is-Glory Ben) and it's AWESOME. I would have wigged massively trying to write that pairing, but she wrote something amazing and heartfelt (as well as including one of the most subtle inclusions of Oxnard I've ever read.) Check it out: The Soft Darkness, The Dreamless Sleep. A lot of great writers signed up for this round of the [ profile] maleslashminis, so Xander slash fans, check those out.

  • I am stoned on Aleve D multi-symptom cold medicine and lack of sleep. Thunder (lightning! the way you love me is frightening!) woke me at 4:30 this morning, the baby woke me again at 6:00. I am functioning very well, all things considered.

  • I wrote this big whinge earlier this morning about how my fan fiction is nothing but dialogue on top of dialogue and that nothing ever happens (no rocks fall, no one dies) and then deleted it. Appears even I have some shame.

  • I had one southwest eggroll for lunch. I'm starving.

  • My brother is coming to stay the night for the first since August. He's taking us out for dinner somewhere "fancy" (Melting Pot! I vote Melting Pot!) and buying belated Christmas. Did I mention that my brother is single, six feet tall, a huge Supernatural fan, financially solvent and almost as funny as me? Line forms to the left.

  • This cold medicine is making the inside of my nose smell like wet leaves.

  • I wrote fic!
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    So, 2008. You know, same old, same old. Oh, wait...

    Time is what turns kittens into cats )

    ETA: Happy 72nd birthday to my Dad today, Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and Happy Solstice, as well!

    Mom Hair

    Jun. 29th, 2008 08:50 am
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    Gooooooood morning! The sun is shining out my butt this morning -- it's a great day!

    Yesterday Caza and I went and had a full day's beauty. Okay, he hates when I call it that, but we went to my salon (The Wild Hair Ranch, yes I live in Oklahoma, yes I do!) and had the adorable Tarin give us cuts and color. I hadn't cut mine since...God. February? And neither of us had touched up our color (I have vanity highlights, he washes that grey right out of his hair.)

    And then NO ONE was home yesterday to check out how pretty we were. Uh, you guys realize that it's impossible for me to have a good time unless I'm able to tell someone ALL about it? We're clear there? Good.

    Now we're off to church (I feel so Riley today!) We're checking out St. Luke's Methodist in our continuing search to find an church that, while progressive and inclusive, still worships our zombie Lord and not some too tan guy in pastel in front of a jumbotron.

    Hair Pics )


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