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Or: Why I enjoy fic that doesn't neatly tie-up a pairing with a romantic ending. (Although simply tying up a pairing is always a yes.)

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I know a couple of you on my flist have started and/or are involved in these, so I have a question:

What's with all the new "friends only" fanfic communities? Are we morphing into the "Queer as Folk" fandom and no one told me? Is it because of "adult content"? 'Cause if so - I've posted quite a bit of unflocked "adult content" in my day. Is it adult-adult? And what exactly does "darker" mean? Does Xander eat a live chicken while Tara circles him slowly, burning incense; as Spike makes a questionable collage of pre-pubescent Elijah Wood manips?

I'm being flip - but seriously, what's with the Friends Only? (Please attribute the bemusedly bitter tone to the fact that I use communities to track down fics for the [ profile] su_herald and if they're locked, I can't link them.)

So why are we suddenly becoming a fandom of the "down low?" Um, I think Joss knows we're writing smut. Seriously.
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**SPOILERS** for Lost 203: "Everybody Hates Hurley"

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The worst of Buffy is still the best of television. I read that in Entertainment Weekly a long time ago, and I still wholeheartedly agree with it. Do I have my fave and least fave eps? Sure. But even my least faves have a moment of brilliance that make me think, yeah, that's my show.

Since I find myself flailing under writer's block, I thought I'd find solace in that favorite activity of writers and teenage girls alike: the list post!
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