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[ profile] menomegirl asked during my "I still love the Buffyverse, yes I do!" post if I would make a meta recs post. I had the time. This is the result.

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Old, trusty Joss. We worry that fandom is dying, you give us new wank fodder. But to give that a Xandery, Choices inspired answer - we bohemian, anti-establishment types have always been persecuted.

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I'm off to the dentist - be back 12:30-1:00 p.m. CST with "Underneath" as well as commenty goodness. Please leave links to meta, fic and other media here.
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Thanks to everyone who read, squeed and pimped the Xander Love post and those who continue to pop in and squee. As [ profile] liz_marcs said, it was fun just for the rows and rows of Xander icons.

I had planned to do Seasons 1-7, but after Seasons 1 & 2 received such a response I thought, do we really need more? Can there be too much Xander love? Well, we all know *my* vote on that one. And secondly, I sort of lost momentum around Season 5 when things start to go the not-so-much Xander route. But I decided not to dwell on that and just hit the Xander things I loved. So here it 'tis: The behemoth (really, not kidding) post of Everything Xander Seasons Three through Seven.

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So it turns out I have a lot of love for Xander. Who knew? I was going to try to love on him Seasons 1-7 in one post, but, uh, it got lengthy.

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And my last batch of Valentine flist love goes out to some of my favorite Xander lovers. Are you ready to get down, you funky party weasels? I've got lovin' in the basement of debasement for [ profile] bunnyohare, [ profile] chicken_cem, [ profile] liz_marcs, [ profile] mpoetess, [ profile] nwhepcat, [ profile] silvertedy, [ profile] spuzz, [ profile] tesla321 and [ profile] winterlive. And, as always, [ profile] stoney321. (Psst: Stoney - Xander is bi.) And, last but oh, so not least, to my own private Xander: I LOVE YOU [ profile] elcazavampiros!

And thank you to [ profile] ladycat777 and the anonymous givers of virtual love and LJ time!
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GIP. Don't blame [ profile] fanbot for making it - it was all my idea. Caza didn't find it funny at all. Stoney said it was frickin' hilarious but, in what may be the money quote of the century: "I don't know that I'm the best authority on what's inappropriate." Shareable if you're inclined.

Yay! Early day because today was curriculum meeting = equals Sue is bored but gets free food and gets to leave work a few hours early. As I stared around the room, listening to different department heads blather, these thoughts occurred to me. A bored mind is a dangerous thing.

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I contracted [ profile] elcazavampiros's hideous wasting disease (okay, it's a chest cold, I'm a little dramatic), and am at home today, because I have to be at work on Friday - it's the second biggest day of the year at my job. So - get to gettin'! Pagans - come bang me in the head with leaves. Pentecostals - let's see some laying of hands. Mormons - where's my Jell-O??? Oh, and Anglicans - now would be a good time for a choral. Because I'm stoned on NyQuil (Big N - little i - Giant Fucking Q!!!) you're being subjected to the following:

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