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Just a reminder...10 days until Music of Pain fics are due. Do you know what your Xander's doing? I have *one* line written. But [ profile] brandil said it was a good line...

White Knight Awards, MA trip and why today was pretty sweet )
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Other People's Mortality, Laziness and Travel Plans! )

And really, really late: Happy Birthday, [ profile] alice23kate - you have Xangely goodness coming your way very soon!!!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] fanbot!

(More "Hot Tub" would be good now. Just sayin'.)

Only two more Firefly eps left for Caza and me to watch. *sob*
Last night we were laying on the couch of Afternoon Delight (but it was after midnight, so there was only delight of the Mal kind) watching "War Stories." When Mal jumps up, all bloody face and black eyes and asks Niksa, "You wanna meet the "real me" now...?" - I added in spot-on (if I do say so) Caleb voice, "Bitch?!" And then cracked myself up so hard, I fell off the couch laughing. Caza laughed even harder (either at my brilliant impression, my fall from the couch, or at the fact that I find myself so damn amusing.)

And no one told me about the naked Mal!!! In the desert! (I typed dessert, which would have been even better.) I am in a *great* mood today. Feel free to amuse me further.

Only 3 more days 'til Stoney Wars and I get to meet [ profile] leeannaray and and [ profile] smashsc and [ profile] somecandytalkin and other people I can't think of right now but am hella excited. *Accepts metaphorical ass slap from Caza for saying 'hella'*

I had this whole bitter, yet life affirming, post composed about how Fandom Saved My Soul But Made Me Fat, but then I thought about monkeys and naked Mal and playing Star Wars trivia (in a Dark Vader shaped box!) with Stoney and geeking out in a totally cool drunken way and I got over it. I just need to somehow mount my laptop onto a treadmill. *nods*
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Okay, I'll admit to utter Firefly indifference despite [ profile] karabair's best efforts. But then I read [ profile] winterlive's post about her experiences at the Serenity premiere (no spoilers, go read) and got kinda teary and Joss-lovey and so I guess I'll go see Serenity. Question: Do I have to watch the Firefly eps before I see the film? If so, can someone (Carrie or Samantha) email me and just give me a synopsis?

Road Trip! Possibly to you? )

ETA: Looks like Massachusetts is Sue's flist party central come July.

Oh, and lest I forget:

Happy Birthday [ profile] xanphibian


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