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24 Hours of Thought – Bringing You the Best of Random

I'm sure I had other thoughts. These were the ones that stuck.

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I ♥ Caza

Jun. 30th, 2005 06:24 pm
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Why is this brand new information, you ask? Beyond his being a cunning linguist (some jokes never get old - or if they do, don't tell me) and utterly supporting his wife's slash Buffy addiction?

My writer's garret (detached garage) now has air conditioning!

[ profile] elcazavampiros is a god.

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Jun. 22nd, 2005 10:22 am
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Wanna know the best thing about using Live Journal tags?

You get to see exactly how many pointless, lame-ass posts you've made.

Much like this one.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] up_your_peach!

*does the dance of April birthday superiority with you, [ profile] ckanerock, [ profile] entrenous88, [ profile] paynbow and [ profile] secondverse*

I'm off to Lake Murray for the weekend, where I shall mock Caza's students as they attempt to speak nothing but Spanish, with only a Spanish I background. Ha! Ha! [ profile] stoney321 is off to kiss babies (dirty rotten baby kisser!) and I'm not discussing those people with tickets to "Slag Heap." I'm sure they'd much rather be making diaper bags or fajitas this weekend. I'm sure.

Songs I've had stuck in my head today:
"Lips Like Sugar" - Echo and the Bunnymen
"Prince Ali" - Aladdin Soundtrack
"The Final Countdown" - Europe (or GOB's theme)
"The Arrested Development Theme" - which Caza informs me sounds like "Get Ur Freak On" when I sing it.

Hope one of those finds a home in each of your heads, because *I'd* like to get rid of them!
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How bad do you think it would be to eat a cup of Sugar Free Jell-0 dated March 15, 2005?

How bad do you think it would be to write a S/X ficlet based on Echo & the Bunnymen's "Lips Like Sugar" as long as it isn't songfic?

How can I get the down low on Horseman's Park in Las Vegas, so that I can incorporate details for setting of Rodeo II? How much sexier is the Nevada Gay Rodeo than the Oklahoma one? Here: Guh!

How can I talk someone else into coming up with a better title than Rodeo II?
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What are the chances that a student will walk into your office just as you are:

A) Cursing yourself for grabbing "lingerie" instead of "drawers" this morning and attempting a de-thonging;


B) Belting out Xander's part of "I'll Never Tell" along with your brand new "Awesome Jams! - Work Mix #1" cd?

Mr. Burns' voice: Excellent!

Sarcastic Cordy icon made for me by [ profile] adis723.
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So you know how I've been thinking about hosting a gathering of slash writers/readers to coincide with the Gay Rodeo Finals to be held here in Oklahoma City next May? No? Oh. Well, I've been thinking about it. But never mind the gay cowboys, I just got an email from the student affairs office informing me that our college is scheduled to have a very special performance this November, get your tickets now for...

Peabo Bryson! Yes, Peabo! The man who brought us the over-mixed duets of "A Whole New World" and "Beauty and the Beast," and other fine Disney-for-grown-ups tunes, as far as I know. C'mon - just say it: Peabo. Peee-Bow.

Okay, [ profile] adis723 has Sunday Morning 9, and as soon as she thinks of a nice way to say, "this blows," she'll send it back and I'll let you all have a crack at it. It was hard to write. It made my butt clench.  

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I feel like a looooser, 'cause I'm the only one (I know of) online on a lovely Saturday afternoon. But I've almost finished my snark, and I'm flush with accomplishment. I'm pausing to look up :::edited for spoilers::: on and thought I'd post. As my former girl scout leader, cheerleading coach and most of my previous employers could tell you, I'm not big with accomplishing I'm kind of loopy with delight. Perfect happiness!!!

Ack! Perfect happiness - I'm turning into Sue-Ellus, Trailer Vamp! (See? Loopy.)
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For some reason this just struck me as the funniest thing ever:

(Spike laughs at him)
I'm meeting with Grox'lars?! They eat babies!

Just their heads. You were supposed to open negotiations with his clan.

Negotiations for what?

(walks up to the scene)
Get 'em to stop eating baby heads.

{AtS "Just Rewards" quotes courtesy of}

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You know, this was a lot funnier when Kathy, Eddie and I did "The Real World - Los Angeles" with Barbies back in 1993. I'm just sayin'.


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