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1) I started watching Teen Wolf. I'm not really sure why. Actually, I think it was because [ profile] ladycat777, [ profile] turnonmyheels and [ profile] luvxander were and I wanted to have something to talk to them about, haha.

2) It doesn't suck, as I assumed it would. I mean, I'd like characterization and metaphor, but I'll settle for lack of (even casual) homophobia, added shirtlessness and "WTF?!" (in a good way) reactions to every episode.

3) CJ wants me to write fic for this show. This is most likely NOT going to happen. One, because I need something to either parody or meta in order to write, and this show already does one and doesn't really lend to the other. Two, I could never write Derek/Stiles for the same reason I rarely wrote Angel: I can't write characters who aren't composed entirely of dialogue. If I wrote fic for this show, it would probably be Scott/Jackson/Allison, haha!

4) I loved watching BtVS (duh) because, while it was a high school show created when I was in my late 20s, David and James and Charisma were all older than I, and Nicky and Aly are close to my age. The mom on Teen Wolf is two years younger than I am. Ouch.

5) I'm up to the 4th episode of Season 2 (yes, I paid for Hulu Plus to watch Season 2) and wow, did I not see some of this stuff coming.

6) Tigh!

7) Jonah starts ballet next Wednesday (he'll have it once a week for an hour while he's four). He's going to the school that Ballet Oklahoma draws from, so here's hoping he had talent and endurance. I get to go buy wee black tights and dance shoes today! (He chose ballet over gymnastics. Whatever -- exercise is exercise. And ballet is actually $5 cheaper a month, at least while he's four.)

8) I really want to talk Teen Wolf with someone who wants to talk about Teen Wolf. Call me. Or email me at if you've lost my number. I don't know why I want to talk about it. I just do. And [ profile] cityphonelines gives me an indulgent "FML" when I try to talk about it; one, because she has no interest and two because I'm interrupting her mainlining of Big Bang Theory.

9) Teen Wolf
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True Blood recap is up: 4.7 Cold Grey Light of Dawn.

It was wicked hard making this very serious episode funny, but I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. God. When did my references get so dated?

Did y'all know that almost three years ago, I had a baby? I might have mentioned it once or twice, haha. He's going to be THREE on the 15th, as much as that shocks me. Here's an excerpt from his birthday portraits:

Jo-Jo at Three )
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Jensen was a cheerleader...and so was I. <~~~~ for [ profile] kittyzams

Ahem. What I used to do before fandom.

Jonah's favorite thing is the monkey mp3 player that he received from his Aunt Vin and Brandi & Sally. Yesterday I actually had time to make a page for his mp3 player for his baby album and I was so proud of how well it turned out, I emailed it to [ profile] adis723 (who now has a greater respect for scrapbooking. Hah! Suck it, haters!) and decided to share it here.

It's so good, in fact, that I'm thinking of entering it in the scrapbooking craft division of the State Fair next year. Um...who am I, and what have I done with PornyDiamondSue? *cries*

The Effulgent Scrapbook Page )

And a random question for the f-list: what's up with the under-20 online crowd "decorating" every sentence with randomly placed and utterly unnecessary semi-colons? I constantly see:

;;LOL girl lol;; inorite!!!!;

I actually asked one girl what was up with the semi-colon abuse and she said, "Oh, you mean the little earring-looking-things?" O_O

How are you guys this morning?


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