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My Smash recap is up at Hey Don't Judge Me. I still don't know what I think of this show...loved the pilot, but I've been up and down over it since. It's winning its time slot, so perhaps it's my adherence to niche and cult programming that's the issue, haha! Feel free to tell me what you think or just go over and comment random stuff about musicals. I'm cool with that.

1.6 Chemistry
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Just a note that I'm doing the "Smash" recaps at [ profile] stoney321's website Hey Don't Judge Me. I just posted the recap for 1.3 "Enter Mr. DiMaggio," if any of y'all are as big a Broadway geek as I am!

Enter Mr. DiMaggio
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Oh, True Blood. My sweet, sweet vampire crack. I've just posted my reviews for Season Three comprehensive and last's night episode, "She's Not There" at Hey Don't Judge Me.

True Blood - 4.1 She's Not There

True Blood - Season Three

Now I don't want to type vampires, boob glitter or tank top for a week. I'm so excited that [ profile] stoney321 gave me this opportunity (and proud of myself for accomplishing more writing than I've done in almost 4 years) but I am exhausted after a solid week of reviewing and writing and, you know, finding the funny that I am shagged out.

On a sad note, my beloved little weenie dog Max escaped from our yard last night and we haven't been able to find him. He's almost 10 years old and is very much a house dog. I appreciate any positive thoughts y'all could send his way, we're just heartbroken.
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Hey guys, I've started doing True Blood recaps over at Hey Don't Judge Me. My Season One recap is up: True Blood Season One and I'll be posting Season Two and Three Recaps later this weekend and then go live with weekly recaps after the season premiere on Sunday.

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