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Jonah: I want to wear a crown and be a prince! And Daddy, I want you to be a fireman, and Mama can be a tiara!


Eddie: A fireman doesn't really go with a prince and someone just wearing a tiara...unless it's one of Mama's fanfics...


Me: True that!

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Yay! Halloween!!

Identify the movies from the following quotes from some of my favorite horror, slasher and eerie films of the past 40+ years. Some are classic films, some are slasher fun and some are must-sees simply because they starred a "Buffy" or "Supernatural" cast member. Some are obvious and some are obscure.

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The "prom dress to Glinda costume" poll resulted in a resounding YES! (which was good, since I was already up to my elbows in Rose Pink RIT when the final votes came in.)

[ profile] elcazavampiros and I went to a couple of Halloween parties with our friends Martin (Beer Man) and Michele (Hooters Girl) last night. There was booze and glitter and boobs and it was like I was living in a bad!fic.

There are silly anecdotes about Janet Reno woman (turned out NOT to be a costume) and a pervy Roman Centurion and a whole night of non-stop bad!fic action, but I'm exhausted from the sotto-voiced mocking of it all and can only offer carefully staged (and still quite sober) photographs from Michele's living room.

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