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Having exhausted (I think) a lot of the well-written HP fic I could find on AO3 (that was a lot of reading) I consulted my saved fic links and ended up re-reading an SPN RPS AU that is very AU (the only kind of RPS I'm into) and clicking subsequent links lead to me to new fic and I've been reading a lot of new to me J2 AUs this afternoon. One such fic ended in a note from the writer (a Brit) asking for American (particularly Texan) readers to Ameri-pick for regional or linguist errors. The main thing that tends to throw me out of J2 fic is "Texan" food that is neither Texan nor remotely palatable in combination (enchiladas served with chicken fried steak has got to be the winner in that category.)

So I left a comment about a few dialogue choices (meant vs supposed; "Let's go back to mine" "Don't mess me around, yeah?" etc) that didn't sound particular Texan or US southwestern and then commented that having Jared long for his mother's chili served with Madeira cake was a little odd. We tend to have chili with cornbread or Fritos around these parts, and the likelihood of a Texan having Madeira cake as a fave would probably suggest an English mother or grandmother.

The author commented back very cordially, but commented that she was under the impression that cornbread was not something people ate anymore and she was leery of its racist connotations. Um. What?

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The inaugural sign-ups for [ profile] genfic_minis is posted today. Round One: Willow.

If there's anyone on my f-list who has been swayed by the oh, so seductive powers of my Buffy Rennaisance and has been thinking again about the Buffyverse, I encourage you to sign-up (hey, I got [ profile] lunabee34 to sign-up for [ profile] maleslashminis and she got Ben/Xander and still wrote the hell out it.)

It's general fiction. It only has to be 500 words (that's like, not even as long as the comments I leave some of you guys!) You don't have to write about the comics if you don't want to. I am totally making Emma from Glees's eyes at you right now.
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Title: Rare B-Sides
Author: Crazydiamondsue
Pairing: Giles/Xander
Rating: PG
Prompt: Written for [ profile] maleslashminis for [ profile] mireille719. Season 4 or 5, spilt milk (figurative or literal); a record (of the actual vinyl, LP or 45, type.) The spilt milk is subtle, the vinyl is overt.
Notes: Set during Season 4, "The Harsh Light of Day." Pre-slash. Betas: [ profile] cityphonelines and [ profile] lunabee34

Rare B-Sides )
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I squeed so loudly about being back on LJ, and then I hid. Well, I didn't precisely hide; I've been squeeing of a different variety - more behind the cut.

First, [ profile] chrisleeoctaves tagged me for that Five Fave Fics Meme. Having ascertained that I have, in fact, written more than 5 fics, here we go:

Sunday Morning Coming Down
Spike/Xander, NC-17
This was the first substantial piece of writing I've ever finished, and I'm the first to admit that there's a lot of me in this fic. Where grief takes you - the rationalizations, the fears, the moral compromises. It's also my love song to my forever OTP, as well as to [ profile] yin_again and [ profile] ladycat777, but they know that. Sadly, it was both my first 'real' fan fic, my longest, and where I expressed pretty much everything I had to say on my love of the Buffyverse. In other words: I kinda blew my wad on this story.

Sweet Tart
Willow/Faith, R
I like this one because I didn't realize how much I loved the idea of this pairing until I wrote it. Of everything I've ever written, I still think this is my best work on characterization - especially since I think Season 7 Willow is kinda hard to write.

Blood Will Tell
Spike/Riley, NC-17
This is another story I never intended to write, until I got the prompt. Upon re-reading it, I discovered how nicely layered it is (and I'm not so much with the layering - more with the quipping) and I found that I was actually kind of proud of it. (Especially after I fixed the bit where I had Riley looking 'up' into Spike's eyes.)

Post-Apocalyptic Trends
Spike/Xander, allusions to Spike/Xander/Angel, R
Okay - I'll be the first one to admit that I find myself rather amusing. She who laughs first, you know? However, this story is the one thing that actually makes me laugh out loud at something I've done. And it makes me happy beyond words at the number of people who found the Liam-William, John-Sean bit as funny as I did.

...There's Fire
Spike/Angel, R
I love S/A. I love reading S/A. The idea of writing S/A scares the beejesus out of me. Whether my characterizations please the reader or not, I find writing Spike, Xander and Willow comfortable. Writing Angel puts me into full-on spin cycle. I can't write people who aren't made of dialogue! But I'm actually pleased with Angel here, and I really like the mood in this story. I'm not usually much of a mood builder, so this fic is outside my comfort zone and still one of my favorites.

I think just about everyone has been tagged or done this that's interested, but I tag anyone who'd like to take it up.

The cultivation of a fangirl )

Flist, this is what happy looks like on me. I'm wearing my love like sunshine.
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Day-old Pie!fic

Title: The Good Shepherd's Pie
Characters: Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Tara, Anya
Notes: Late BtVS Season 4. Pie!fic written in observance of National Pie Day for [ profile] entrenous88. Full of stereotypical American reactions to English foods. Forgive me. Pre-read by [ profile] ladycat777

The Good Shepherd's Pie )
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Title: Better Together
Characters: Xander, Buffy, Willow, Dawn
Rating: PG
Notes: BtVS Season 5, between “Listening to Fear” and “Into the Woods.” Xander’s birthday. (By the reckoning of my own internalized canon.) Somewhat inspired by [ profile] liz_marcs's "snot monster from outer space" icon. Fluffy-esque with Season 5 overtones of angst. As usual, mostly dialogue. And, written in an hour tonight. Okay, I'll shut up with the provisos.
For: [ profile] adis723 (who will not see this but through email due to internet limitations) for her birthday. Which was yesterday. Oops.

Better Together )
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I'm writer blocked. Like, bad. It happens. So I've been skimming some past fic in an effort to find inspiration.

And I noticed something about my "writing style" - I love repetition. Sometimes it's deliberate (there was a repetition theme in "Sunday Morning Coming Down") and sometimes it's just...weird. For instance, two of my S/A fics, "Simultaneous" and "...There's Fire" end with the exact same line - "Yeah. There's that." The former is a snarky crack!fic written for [ profile] dovil, the latter is an introspective NFA missing scene written for [ profile] entrenous88 - shouldn't have a damn thing in common, other than both involving Spike/Angel. Yet Spike says it in the first one, Angel in the second. That's just lazy writing, folks.

Along the re-skimming road, I think I discovered my kink.

No. It's not Furries )

So what's YOUR fic quirk?
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Title: Welcome to the Wheels-O-Rama
Pairing: Buffy/Angel
Rating: PG-13 (probably)
Notes: Written for [ profile] stoney321’s Gud Summaries Fic-a-thon based on the prompt: Buffy’s a skater, Angel's a skater and Riley turned into a dip despite my best efforts to the contrary.
Warnings: Absolute, utter to-the-bottom-of-the-pipe crack. Blatant use of anachronisms, tongue-in-cheek canon poking and unnecessary 70s/80s song lyrics – possibly as dialogue. Un-betaed. Possibly incomprehensible if you don't remember 1980s roller rinks.

Part One )
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Title: Sunday Morning Coming Down
Author: [ profile] crazydiamondsue
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17, overrall
Summary: Post BtVS "The Gift." Xander struggles to come to terms with the resurrection spell in light of the reality of Buffy's death and his changing feelings for Spike.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] lynnevitational and as a very belated birthday gift to [ profile] dovil
Thanks: Beta by [ profile] adis723. Special thanks to Yin, Andrea, Kathy, Laura and Caza for many, many things.

Previous Parts

Conclusion )
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First thing: I posted fic!

...There's Fire
Spike/Angel, R

Okay, a fic-let. And it's Spike/Angel! For [ profile] entrenous88! It's very short and still may suck - so I sent you that other thing we love. No, not Xander. Turns out postage on a fictional character is a bitch. So that other thing we both love. No, no, not gnomes! The OTHER thing!

Not bad, considering it's still the weekend in my world. I went away for a *WEEKEND* (albeit a long one, counting Monday) thinking - it's the weekend, it's always slow on the weekend. I come back to an explosion of LJ posts (of the good kind) and more fic than you can shake Toth's magic stick at.

In Case You Missed It:

Happy Birthday [ profile] entrenous88 and [ profile] paynbow!

I share my anniversary with Entre's birthday (April 3), and Caza and I celebrated 14 years of geekdom, hot Spanish speaking love (but without all the scary Banderas overtones) and freaky cheese-loving happiness. He gave me flowers, I gave him "Goblet of Fire" on DVD. Love thy partner as thyself, they say. Caza posted an illustrated (see: 1992 hair) post here. (Yes - I picked out [ profile] uberaeryn's dress. Insert bridesmaid joke here.)

What a great week on LJ - people got published, made out with other hot people, wrote tons and tons of fic (a lot of it featuring Xander!) made icons I can't wait to add space for and there really can't be enough Kenny Rogers jokes. Really.

I'm so very behind - I will continue to catch up on fic and posts and comments with responses that aren't just "Yay! On to the next!" as time - and work - allows. I'm slow. I *just* got [ profile] anelith's birthday gift off in the mail this week. No spoilers - but I will say this - there exists in the glories of cyberspace a site where you can buy cheese in the shape of Oklahoma! Put it in a box with a monkey playing a banjo and wrap it in a Nick Brendon poster and well, my universe is complete.

And I almost forgot - I cut off all my hair! It was mid-back, now it's barely shoulder length and all curly and shiny again. I have no pics, instead, I offer hand gestures. *curly* *shiny* *random swirly motion*

Lastly - has ANYONE gotten one of my hand written letters yet? *worries* None have come back, and all have been mailed (except Yin's because I'm trying to be creative, dang it!)
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FYI? I smell really good today. Just thought you might like to know. Stupid LJ and its lack of scratch-n-sniff function.

Wes/Angel question )

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I've got stories that need finishing. Nothing's happening on the keyboard but LJ spam. So. I find I can get creative whenever I can snark and not worry about where the story's going. However, I can't think of anything to snark. I need to write something in the vein of It's All Been Done or Post-Apocalyptic Trends.

So...thoughts? Cracktastic stories you've considered but would never write ('cause you're classy)? Pairings or plots I've never attempted and you've thought...mmm...wonder what Sue would do with that? (You don't think about me as often as I do? Carry on.) Cliches you want poked? Fanonish things you've (and I've) done that need piss taking? Things that you think are just flat out silly? Anything on the show that needs sending up? (I've already done 3/4 length leather coats in June and that Angel was a merry nun rapist...anything else?)

Note: I don't want to poke at any one person or any one type of fic, so please be general in your suggestions (in other words - funny, not mean.) Plot ideas are fine, just not "make fun of *this* kind of fic. Oh, and no musical parodies. That's [ profile] stoney321's gig. So help me help you laugh at the Buffyverse (in a loving, obsessed way.) Crossover ideas are okay as a minor plot or throw-off line. Anyone?

ETA: I want this to be as ensemble-y as possible, but I know I'm including Dawn, Oz and Harmony, if that helps anyone...
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Title: Sunday Morning Coming Down
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult
Thanks to: [ profile] lunabee34 for the beta; [ profile] ladycat777 for her help with the Tara/Willow scene; [ profile] yin_again for her help with pretty much everything.
A/N: This was supposed to be the final chapter. It ran long. Big surprise.

Previous Parts

SMCD 16 )
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Title: Luck of the Draw (Rodeo II)
Pairing:: Xander/Angel, references to Lindsey/Angel and Lindsey/Xander
Rating: Adult
Written for: Music of Pain fic-a-thon based on Cold, Cold Heart by Hank Williams.
Thanks: [ profile] stoney321 for the beta and to [ profile] entrenous88 for making the plot actually work.
Notes: Human AU. Sequel to Rodeo. The gay cowboys thing will probably come as a surprise if you haven’t read that. Part One: here
Part 2/2 )
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Title: Luck of the Draw (Rodeo II)
Pairing: Xander/Angel (another pairing will be referenced later)
Rating: Adult
Written for: Music of Pain fic-a-thon based on Cold, Cold Heart by Hank Williams. Also for: Nashmaveric (as always), Alice23Kate, Entre Nous, Spikendru and Tgray
Notes: Human AU. Sequel to: Rodeo. The gay cowboys thing will probably come as a surprise if you haven’t read that. This story’s a bit different, in that it’s set in Vegas instead of Oklahoma, and there’s something approaching plot. Gay cowboys and plot. Thanks to Sharvie for the Vegas pics and info.

Part 1/2 )
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Title: Choices
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult
Written for: Schmangst-a-thon for [ profile] ladycat777 who wanted S/X with either emotional or physical hurt and SMUT. She didn’t want serious levels of angst; I hope I avoided that. I also hope this is schmangst.
Thanks to: [ profile] adis723 for the beta and [ profile] uberaeryn and [ profile] stoney321 for accepting freak-out phone calls.
Notes: Takes place in Africa immediately post AtS Season-5 “Damage.”
Warnings: Tons and tons of dialogue. Followed by smut. And more dialogue. I apologize now. I struggled with this one.

Choices )
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Title: Post-Apocalyptic Trends
Pairing: Spike/Xander, references to Spike/Angel and Xander/Angel
Rating: R-ish
Written for: Dovil's Mpreg-a-thon
Warnings: Mpreg; constant sarcastic references to threesomes; unapologetic puns and mastering of the single-entendre; what passes for humor
Beta’d by: [ profile] elcazavampiros
Thanks: To [ profile] uberaeryn for all of her suggestions, especially the "villian."
Notes: Set post “Not Fade Away.” Spike and Angel have Shanshu’d and Giles brings together ‘The Men Behind the Slayers’ for a retreat, where discussion on recent research trends yields sadly literal results.

Post-Apocalyptic Trends )
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Title: Pretty Pictures, Pretty Words
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: Eh. Adult-ish
Notes: Set post “Not Fade Away.” My first "serious" S/A. As in no snark. Other than them at each other.
Beta’d by: [ profile] uberaeryn
Written for: [personal profile] violethamster - Happy Birthday, my little hamster!

For Violet )
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Uh, or not smut, that is.

Title: Curiouser and Curiouser
Pairing: Spike & Cordy (not quite friendship, but definitely not shagging)
Rating: PG-ish
Notes: Set during AtS 5 “You’re Welcome.” I kind of fiddled with the time line; by the time Cordy is watching videos in Angel’s penthouse, she’s already run into Spike. Vague references to Spike/Angel.
Thanks: To [ profile] anelith for the beta and to [ profile] darkhavens and [ profile] stoney321 for their reference help. Thanks to [ profile] elcazavampiros for posting this and letting me yell in his ear as he did it since I have a wrenched shoulder.
Prompt from: [ profile] adis723, who wanted Cordy and Spike watching Queer as Folk.

Curiouser and Curiouser )
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Title: Sunday Morning Coming Down, Part 15
Author: [ profile] crazydiamondsue - Parts of Scene I by [ profile] yin_again
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult
Summary: Xander struggles to come to terms with the resurrection spell in light of the "reality" of Buffy's death and his changing feelings for Spike.
Written for: [ profile] yin_again's Yinathon. Prompt: Sue, your assignment is to give me the next chapter of SMCD. Ever give someone a gift and then asked them to pay for part of it? Yep, I'm cheap. Thanks, Yin.
Thanks: To my glorious beta, [ profile] adis723; to [ profile] _sharvie_ for helping me sound things out; and to [ profile] yin_again for making me do it and then helping me when I couldn't remember how.

Previous Parts

Part Fifteen )


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