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Does anyone know if there are any fics that explain how/when Angel/Angelus got his griffin-straddling-the-A tattoo? Thanks if so! Also, could anyone be bribed into making me an Angel icon that (can't believe I'm saying this) *doesn't* have Xander in it? Your choice for bribe.
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It's said we're living in the last days. Or at least in the days of the incredible shrinking fandom. Huh. Really? <ETA: That was supposed to sound sarcastic. That's what happens when you post at 3:00 am...) So, anyway, I'm going to post my "One Year Anniversary in the Fandom" post on June 21 (which is kind of like a "who sired Spike" and "when was Angel born?" jacked up timeline, because technically I got into Buffy in May 2003 and into fic February 2004, but I didn't post my first fic on LJ until June 2004, so we're going with that date. And no one commented on it! So new writers - and you do exist even in these last days, right? - take heart.)

With that fascinating topic in mind... )
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My mom's brother passed away yesterday (didn't know him very well) and I'd like to send flowers. Suggestions on type of arrangement and flowers? My Stoney has left me....Julia? Anyone? Ideas? Thanks!

ETA: Thanks Bunny and Yin - Peace Lily through FTD it is...
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Are there any S/X AU fics where *Xander* is the rock star? I just suddenly had a yen for that.

I was thinking the other day about the dearth of Xander/Angel human AUs (possibly a pleasant dearth to most of you) and thought, huh, I should write one. And then I realized that I *had* and was working on a sequel. I used to be very bright.

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How bad do you think it would be to eat a cup of Sugar Free Jell-0 dated March 15, 2005?

How bad do you think it would be to write a S/X ficlet based on Echo & the Bunnymen's "Lips Like Sugar" as long as it isn't songfic?

How can I get the down low on Horseman's Park in Las Vegas, so that I can incorporate details for setting of Rodeo II? How much sexier is the Nevada Gay Rodeo than the Oklahoma one? Here: Guh!

How can I talk someone else into coming up with a better title than Rodeo II?


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