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And, now celebrating the American observance of [ profile] dovil's birthday, I give you part two of my Dovil Day Silly Fic.

What a Night for a Knight
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rated: Some adult language, adult situations, lots of gratutious "Angel is a big poof" references.
Thanks: To [ profile] uberaeryn and [ profile] adis723 for giggling at stuff, and to [ profile] yin_again for some S/X, erm, advice. I'm sure she's proud to be involved with this one.

Previous part: here

Part 2, The Conclusion )
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Okay, [ profile] dovil also requested, Spike and Angel getting married and living happily ever after and raising toy poodles. I really wanted to do something with that. However, since it's taken me most of the day to write the damn Scooby story, I pawned that idea off on [ profile] uberaeryn.

I will be happy to explain any southern-isms to my non-American, non-southern, okay, non-pissant town Oklahoman friends, but I thought this was freakin' funny.

"Shanshud Happily Ever After" by [ profile] uberaeryn

Poodles is Funny )
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Beware southern girls bearing big hair...or be careful what you wish for - there's a moral here somewhere.

Since tomorrow is today on the other side of the world (the side that's opposite Oklahoma and Texas, anyway), [ profile] stoney321 and I decided to honor [ profile] dovil's birthday by fulfilling some wishes she made in times past, probably while in some sort of (adjective of your choice) stupor.

You can find [ profile] stoney321's here: Bang On the 'Ol Drum and Ow! Quit It!

My story is in response to: I want to read a story where Spike and Xander drive around in a van solving mystery and when Xander's been a really good boy, Spike feeds him scooby snacks.

So I wrote a fic based on an actual Scooby Doo episode, What a Night For a Knight, 'cause, hee. It's probably rated T for teens, and M for way immature. And un-beta'd. Part one of two.

What a Night For a Knight )
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I never think to pimp [ profile] dovil , because I assume that everyone on my flist is aware that I am a minion to the Great Horny One. (Her LJ is actually where I met my consort, [ profile] stoney321 , funny story, really...) Anyway, I remembered that I had new friends to whom I may not yet have proselytized. If so, go now and worship at:

Buffy the Bitch Who Forfeited Cheekbone Loving

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Please checkout my dark master's take on James Marster's appearance at the Melbourne convention. Snerk and :::sigh::: all at once.


Marsters Q&A )


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