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Finishing what I hope to God will be the last chapter of Sunday Morning so that I can begin the "beta pester" dance with Adis. Watching "Bargaining, Part 2" for what I hope to God will be the last time. Point of post: (other to mention that I'm finishing SMCD publically so that I will *do* it): Have you ever noticed that when Xander tells Tara he can carry Willow after she's shagged out from the resurrection spell that Nicky totally takes the opportunity to feel up Alyson? He could just be trying to get a good hand hold, though. Ahem. Back to writing.

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It's April 21st (sic) and everybody knows today is Earth Day
Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to whoever's being born
And now I'm trying hard to think of something
meaningful and worthy, kind of earthy
to make everybody ask themselves just...
What are we doing here?
and what are we doing to her?
- Dramarama, "What Are We Gonna Do", 1991

Cheery little Earth Day song, ain't it? And, Christ, 1991?! I'm getting so old, just like the Earth. Both of us getting crusty, kind of trampled and loosing our plumage. :(
But, hey, this is an Earth Day post, not a "Sue is an old codger who wouldn't know hip unless it was breaking as she fell!" post, so -

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I have been doing a lot of beta work lately. *A lot* Last night, I got an email from one of my newer writers that, in addition to thanks for my *fine* beta job, included: I really appreciate you taking time do this for me, and I would love to hear sometime what the writing process is like for you. You have such an eye for detail and the ability to really get the sound of the characters' voices down. I think I would benefit from hearing how you do it." This? Is either a budding writer's shrewd attempt at keeping me beta-ing happily, or the absolute, unequivocal TRUTH. I'm going with the latter.

So all shall benefit from her cunning, as I give you "The Writing Process" by [ profile] crazydiamondsue. Er, this won't be a well thought out thesis on the skills I've learned in becoming a better writer. I'm not actually [ profile] secondverse, I only impersonate her at cocktail parties. And although this is an illustration of just one incident (last night), it's pretty much indicative of the whole thing.

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ETA: I just realized that I wrote: the final Bad Smut day ficlet. Hee - Freudian slip, thy name is Sue. Eh. I'm not changin' it.

Fic Stuff

Mar. 23rd, 2005 09:36 am
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Moved into new house? Check.
Computer fixed? Check.
Website re-loaded? Check.
Snazzy little "writing studio" in new garage so that I can create surrounded by Christmas wreaths and long abandoned scrapbooking stuff? Check.

Excuses not to finish WIPs gone? *sigh* Check.

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Jan. 18th, 2005 08:54 pm
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So I read the 25 Greatest TV Teen Idols article in TV Guide ("If you have TV Guide, you don't need a TV") and no, I'm not's Caza's subscription. Really. Anyway, David Boreanaz (credited for Buffy, no one ever saw that Angel show, I guess) made #21. This is not why I mention this article, however. It's because Joey Lawrence made #25. Since [ profile] uberaeryn has blabbed shared some of my more, um, eccentric foibles, here's one of hers: She totally had the hots for Joey Lawrence when he was on "Blossom" and she was like 27 and she used to tie a flannel shirt around her hips and go around saying, "Whoa." (Okay, that last bit may be an alcohol fueled delusion from my alcohol fueled late 20s.) But yeah, she totally thought he was hot. Joey Lawrence. The "Whoa" guy.

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Doin' stuff

Oct. 9th, 2004 06:18 pm
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Just checking in to say I haven't been hit by a double-decker bus or anything, (which would be freaky, considering I live in Oklahoma) and I *am* writing quite a bit, and haven't been dicking off making Xander mood icons. But just in case I have, let me know if you can see this one. Thanks. :)
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Okay, not really, but I'm taking a break to finish Sunday Morning - 'cause I'm getting kind of tired of it and that means I'll stop writing it and then people will just email me in an irritated fashion until they stop caring and [ profile] lazuli_kat will say "Sue, you promised!" when I said no unfinished WIPs on The Attic and really I just want the tale to end.

See, rambly. In any case, I will not be around for a bit, which means you'll see more of [ profile] elcazavampiros, who by the way made a kick ass wallpaper for his lj, so go look at the Anya prettiness.

This means I will miss all updates of fics I am following, so I will get to play catch-up when I get back. (This does not extend to "Discoveries," if [ profile] tgray updates, someone call me.) Okay - back soon with a finished fic. Until then, miss me horribly and make up posts that sound like mine and post them in my comments. That'll be fun.

Vinnie - stop snickering.
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I know...still no fic, just me rambling. I got up this morning, late as usual, and noticed I was incredibly blood-shot (no, not from anything fun.) So I went to put Visine in and felt this unusual and product-defeating burning sensation. My husband's Icy Hot had spilled all over the Visine, and I now had an eyefull of saline diluted Icy Hot!!! Insert your choice of expletive here. So I stayed home, burning, head-achy and pissy.

I've tried to watch S4 Angel (and, okay, I did feel better when Angelus was being all slashy about Wes and Faith said getting back into slaying was "just like riding a biker") but I still feel crap. Also, the beautiful [ profile] tgray went to tons of trouble to make me a beautiful Spander background for my lj (should should have seen it - red with eyes of spike! and arms of Xander!) and then I had my husband try to upload Spike mood icons and we screwed the whole thing up! So now I have to wait until [ profile] tgray gets home and fixes me. (Sorry about that, sweetie.)

I finished the first part of the Angel/Xander cowboy story I'm doing for [ profile] nashmaveric and sent it off to [ profile] adis723 for beta, but I can't seem to get back into it. "Sunday Morning" is totally not taking my phone calls, either. I'm feeling mighty depressed, y'all. (I have got to finish this story so that I can go back to repressing my redneck youth.)

To cheer me up, I friended some people I've been meaning to friend. Hope they didn't mind. Waves to [ profile] kyrieane , [ profile] amejisuto , [ profile] piksa and [ profile] reremouse .

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...and they keep pulling me back in. So I gave a friend (who's always been very supportive of my writing) my website address because he wanted to see what I've been working on lately. Gulp. Okay, first of all, he's never watched anything from the Buffy 'verse and I tried to explain that he wouldn't get it. He insisted, and I'm never one to turn down fb, so I acquiesed. He's a gay man, so I figured some of the slash might intrigue.

He thought my little vignette Hair Like Chinese Silk was charming, but basically said, "Sue, why are you wasting your time with this? We've been telling you for years that you have the ability to make this a career, and you're never going to do that sitting around at 30 (I'm 33, so that was nice) writing stories about monsters." (Seemed to work okay for Joss...) So basically his thought process was "all this effort - nothing to show for it." Hey, I resent that - I've had squees aplenty!

It just kind of pulled me out of the B-verse and back into RL, which isn't always of the good. I've also been exploring aspects of my (former) RL, writing up a fic for [ profile] nashmaveric . She wanted gay cowboys, so I dug my George Strait box set out and I've been stalking members of the IGRA (International Gay Rodeo Association) for tips. My first human AU, Angel/Xander will be roping its way toward you soon. So, country roads are taking me home, but things are not quite as I remember - hee! Please join me as I waste my time. Sorry, that'll be burnin' my ass for the rest of the night.

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Argh! I knew I shouldn't start posting a fic, snark or not, until I finished it! So I'm stuck at Revello Drive goin' well, shit, what happens now? I've consulted my notes. I've visited [ profile] badbuffyfic . Nothing.

Although, there is one thing I was gonna snark that I just don't think I can work in. I read a fic with a X/S (go figure) smut scene that referred to Spike's "angry penis." It was actually pretty good up to that point, but "angry penis" just sent me spiralling to, "Yes! And his petulant testicles!" I'm shutting up and writing now. I hope. whimper


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