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I was commenting to my TV addict husband that I don't think of myself as someone who watches A LOT of TV, because I read more than I watch and I always seem to have time to dick around on Pinterest or talk on the phone for hours and therefore am obviously not a huge TV nerd. Lies, damn lies. So I work 40 hours a week at a college, take care of a 5 year old boy who is reading (Eeee!!) and cook from scratch and listen and offer support to my friends as they plan weddings and college majors and possible children and huge life decisions, all the while maintaing a head of thick(ish) curly hair, giving my husband something he can feel and reading a shit-ton of "Teen Wolf" AUs. And yet I watch:

1) How I Met Your Mother
2) Modern Family
3) Raising Hope
4) Nashville
5) The Big Bang Theory
6) Supernatural
7) American Horror Story
8) Agents of Shield (!!!)
9) New Girl
10) Teen Wolf
11) Breaking Bad
12) Mad Men
13) Game of Thrones
14) The Walking Dead
15) Downton Abbey

Granted, most of those shows are staggered by hiatus, so I don't I don't feel like I'm watching *that* much in any given season. There are also shows I watch when Caza's watching them (True Blood, Wilfred, Warehouse 13, etc) that I don't *count* as watching, because I don't ask him to pause the DVR if I have to pee, and I'm usually either looking at pics on Tumblr or reading a magazine while he's watching it.

The Game, however, is this: CAN YOU BEAT IT? While I feel I have a light-nerd-typical amount of TV watching, I think Caza may be the Big Kahuna, especially given his RL to TV time ratio. CAN YOU OUT NERD CAZA???

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So...can you beat him?

I ♥ Caza

Jun. 30th, 2005 06:24 pm
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Why is this brand new information, you ask? Beyond his being a cunning linguist (some jokes never get old - or if they do, don't tell me) and utterly supporting his wife's slash Buffy addiction?

My writer's garret (detached garage) now has air conditioning!

[ profile] elcazavampiros is a god.

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Student: Are all of the professors gone for the summer?
Me: Yes, it's just me.
Student: (teasing) What'd you do wrong?
Me: Not finish my Bachelor's...

Stay in school, kids!

I want to be home with Caza right now, napping on the couch or pretending not to watch "General Hospital" or Googling half-naked pictures of Emma Caulfield, or whatever he's doing now. Stupid professors and their stupid summers off. *puts on grumpy pants and stomps around bitterly*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] up_your_peach!

*does the dance of April birthday superiority with you, [ profile] ckanerock, [ profile] entrenous88, [ profile] paynbow and [ profile] secondverse*

I'm off to Lake Murray for the weekend, where I shall mock Caza's students as they attempt to speak nothing but Spanish, with only a Spanish I background. Ha! Ha! [ profile] stoney321 is off to kiss babies (dirty rotten baby kisser!) and I'm not discussing those people with tickets to "Slag Heap." I'm sure they'd much rather be making diaper bags or fajitas this weekend. I'm sure.

Songs I've had stuck in my head today:
"Lips Like Sugar" - Echo and the Bunnymen
"Prince Ali" - Aladdin Soundtrack
"The Final Countdown" - Europe (or GOB's theme)
"The Arrested Development Theme" - which Caza informs me sounds like "Get Ur Freak On" when I sing it.

Hope one of those finds a home in each of your heads, because *I'd* like to get rid of them!
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Happy Anniversary, [ profile] elcazavampiros

13 years, baby. Only forever to go.

Anniversary celebration to begin once the after affects of the ill advised new blender celebration subside.

*head smack* And I am thrilled to share this day with [ profile] entrenous88. Happy Birthday, sweetie!!! I mailed the Spander CD yesterday. *smooch*

Icon by [ profile] adis723
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GIP! Cowboy icon courtesy of [ profile] kyrieane who asked the talented [ profile] saifai to make it for me. I've had it for a while, but I just got the animation to work as a gif file.

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Hi, baby!!!

Sep. 2nd, 2004 08:27 pm
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Okay, I was a sweet person, I pimped my husband's fic on my LJ, and he got feedback it took me months to get. Bastard. In case, I got tired of emailing him his comments (I have my own online life to lead and a fic my beta is tapping her foot impatiently for) so I made him get his own account. Feel free to check out his updates to Anya's Story here: [ profile] elcazavampiros (which, for our non-Spanish speaking friends, is The Vampire Slayer. Heh. Clever. Prententious modern language professors and their genre TV obsessions....)

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In response to my shuttling Anya off to England (to make the way for Spike/Xander, of course) in my Sunday Morning Coming Down fic, my long suffering, forced to read slash, husband has taken up the cause of edifying his beloved Anyanka. It's his first fic, so be gentle (he does spell well and can turn the clever phrase):

Anya's Story by El Cazavampiros  

(He thought of that name all on his own, and I can hear [ profile] karabair and [ profile] uberaeryn chuckling in appreciation.)

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Can this marriage be saved? Or even baptized? There's a spell over the House of (My Last Name Deleted.) It began last summer when I allowed [ profile] karabair and [ profile] uberaeryn to lure me, at long last, into the Church of Joss Whedon and Latter Day Vamps.

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Okay. I will now attempt a non Buffy-centric post. Ahem. (Bear with me, it's been a while.)

So, Friday night. Date night. I called my husband and asked if I could take him out to dinner (yes, I know we're all friends here, that's total chick speak for "I don't want to cook, take me out and let me spend our money.") I threw in the offer of a movie and a possible happy ending and Date Night was on.

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