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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ladycat777! And congratulations on being the first member of my flist that I remembered to mail a pressie to whole *days* before their birthday!!! I knew I wouldn't be able to write anything, so instead I sent you what my writer's garret smells and sounds like. It's like you're here with me! And we're writing smut! And eating ice cream! (And yelling for Caza to hurry up and figure out how to pipe the AC out here, because it's freakin' hot!!!) Adore you, little kitten, as you know!

Happy Birthday, [ profile] smashsc! May you have a wonderful day full of cheese grits, fantastically random occurences and hot soccer chicks! And what the hell - while we're wishing, the renewal of Firefly and a Grease II revival. "Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh - I'll be your girl for all seasons, all the year through. Your girl for all seasons, 'Cause I love, yes I love to be everything to you, just you." I just typed that from memory. *smooch*
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Other People's Mortality, Laziness and Travel Plans! )

And really, really late: Happy Birthday, [ profile] alice23kate - you have Xangely goodness coming your way very soon!!!!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] fanbot!

(More "Hot Tub" would be good now. Just sayin'.)

Only two more Firefly eps left for Caza and me to watch. *sob*
Last night we were laying on the couch of Afternoon Delight (but it was after midnight, so there was only delight of the Mal kind) watching "War Stories." When Mal jumps up, all bloody face and black eyes and asks Niksa, "You wanna meet the "real me" now...?" - I added in spot-on (if I do say so) Caleb voice, "Bitch?!" And then cracked myself up so hard, I fell off the couch laughing. Caza laughed even harder (either at my brilliant impression, my fall from the couch, or at the fact that I find myself so damn amusing.)

And no one told me about the naked Mal!!! In the desert! (I typed dessert, which would have been even better.) I am in a *great* mood today. Feel free to amuse me further.

Only 3 more days 'til Stoney Wars and I get to meet [ profile] leeannaray and and [ profile] smashsc and [ profile] somecandytalkin and other people I can't think of right now but am hella excited. *Accepts metaphorical ass slap from Caza for saying 'hella'*

I had this whole bitter, yet life affirming, post composed about how Fandom Saved My Soul But Made Me Fat, but then I thought about monkeys and naked Mal and playing Star Wars trivia (in a Dark Vader shaped box!) with Stoney and geeking out in a totally cool drunken way and I got over it. I just need to somehow mount my laptop onto a treadmill. *nods*
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Title: Pretty Pictures, Pretty Words
Pairing: Spike/Angel
Rating: Eh. Adult-ish
Notes: Set post “Not Fade Away.” My first "serious" S/A. As in no snark. Other than them at each other.
Beta’d by: [ profile] uberaeryn
Written for: [personal profile] violethamster - Happy Birthday, my little hamster!

For Violet )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kyrieane!

[ profile] ladycat777 and [ profile] _sharvie_: I figured out how to update my website, so I won't have to get a new one! Yippy skippy!

Updates, deletions, new recs )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] julia_here!

Big hugs and kisses and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

And thanks to everyone who has signed up for the Music of Pain ficathon - you guys way surpassed our expectations!

Sleepy. Watching "Elvis." Hung out with [ profile] uberaeryn, had beer and said "Spander" or "Spangel" every other word. More later, way behind on flist. :)
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Okay, I'll admit to utter Firefly indifference despite [ profile] karabair's best efforts. But then I read [ profile] winterlive's post about her experiences at the Serenity premiere (no spoilers, go read) and got kinda teary and Joss-lovey and so I guess I'll go see Serenity. Question: Do I have to watch the Firefly eps before I see the film? If so, can someone (Carrie or Samantha) email me and just give me a synopsis?

Road Trip! Possibly to you? )

ETA: Looks like Massachusetts is Sue's flist party central come July.

Oh, and lest I forget:

Happy Birthday [ profile] xanphibian
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] up_your_peach!

*does the dance of April birthday superiority with you, [ profile] ckanerock, [ profile] entrenous88, [ profile] paynbow and [ profile] secondverse*

I'm off to Lake Murray for the weekend, where I shall mock Caza's students as they attempt to speak nothing but Spanish, with only a Spanish I background. Ha! Ha! [ profile] stoney321 is off to kiss babies (dirty rotten baby kisser!) and I'm not discussing those people with tickets to "Slag Heap." I'm sure they'd much rather be making diaper bags or fajitas this weekend. I'm sure.

Songs I've had stuck in my head today:
"Lips Like Sugar" - Echo and the Bunnymen
"Prince Ali" - Aladdin Soundtrack
"The Final Countdown" - Europe (or GOB's theme)
"The Arrested Development Theme" - which Caza informs me sounds like "Get Ur Freak On" when I sing it.

Hope one of those finds a home in each of your heads, because *I'd* like to get rid of them!
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Happy *LATE* Birthday, [ profile] paynbow! Who, in addition to being one of my favorite LJ people ever, and the brilliant mind behind Sprigel, and one of the top reasons I'd consider moving to Canada, is just darn sweet. Happy birthday, darlin'! Hope you had a lovely one and I'm sorry I missed the b-day reminder yesterday. I blame not checking LJ until it was just to post drunkenly. *is shamed*

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Happy Anniversary, [ profile] elcazavampiros

13 years, baby. Only forever to go.

Anniversary celebration to begin once the after affects of the ill advised new blender celebration subside.

*head smack* And I am thrilled to share this day with [ profile] entrenous88. Happy Birthday, sweetie!!! I mailed the Spander CD yesterday. *smooch*

Icon by [ profile] adis723
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And, now celebrating the American observance of [ profile] dovil's birthday, I give you part two of my Dovil Day Silly Fic.

What a Night for a Knight
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rated: Some adult language, adult situations, lots of gratutious "Angel is a big poof" references.
Thanks: To [ profile] uberaeryn and [ profile] adis723 for giggling at stuff, and to [ profile] yin_again for some S/X, erm, advice. I'm sure she's proud to be involved with this one.

Previous part: here

Part 2, The Conclusion )
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Okay, [ profile] dovil also requested, Spike and Angel getting married and living happily ever after and raising toy poodles. I really wanted to do something with that. However, since it's taken me most of the day to write the damn Scooby story, I pawned that idea off on [ profile] uberaeryn.

I will be happy to explain any southern-isms to my non-American, non-southern, okay, non-pissant town Oklahoman friends, but I thought this was freakin' funny.

"Shanshud Happily Ever After" by [ profile] uberaeryn

Poodles is Funny )
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Beware southern girls bearing big hair...or be careful what you wish for - there's a moral here somewhere.

Since tomorrow is today on the other side of the world (the side that's opposite Oklahoma and Texas, anyway), [ profile] stoney321 and I decided to honor [ profile] dovil's birthday by fulfilling some wishes she made in times past, probably while in some sort of (adjective of your choice) stupor.

You can find [ profile] stoney321's here: Bang On the 'Ol Drum and Ow! Quit It!

My story is in response to: I want to read a story where Spike and Xander drive around in a van solving mystery and when Xander's been a really good boy, Spike feeds him scooby snacks.

So I wrote a fic based on an actual Scooby Doo episode, What a Night For a Knight, 'cause, hee. It's probably rated T for teens, and M for way immature. And un-beta'd. Part one of two.

What a Night For a Knight )


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