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Still not really here - same reason (work, which I don't have time to whine about, and you really don't wanna read) however, should have better news on the work front soon.

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] kyrieane!

[ profile] ladycat777 and [ profile] _sharvie_: I figured out how to update my website, so I won't have to get a new one! Yippy skippy!

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Lately, my whole life has been an experiment in terror. When it comes to suffering, I'm right up there with Elizabeth Taylor. (Yes, Vin, that was for you.)

First thing: My website, Beauty Effulgent, is unavailable. Because I can't get into my hotmail account, I missed the notifications that ivillage is no longer hosting member websites. So that means my fics, my recs and my tiny archive are offline. As well as my mood theme, dammit!! 'Cause right now, pissed would be GREAT! They're offering to transfer the accounts to Lycos, but I liked ivillage - it was small and didn't have pop-ups. Crap.

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S/X Recs

Sep. 26th, 2004 01:51 pm
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So I still can't get the lj cut to work. All right. I showed them, I just updated the recs list on my website with all the Spander pimpin' I've been meaning to do. Sue's Pimps

Also, congrats to the members of my flist who were nominated for White Knight Awards. Thanks again for the nom for best comedy, the nom for best Xangel is still amusing, the nom for Sunday Morning is very touching, and the nom for Best S/X writer is just...puzzling (and to paraphrase my lovely [community profile] secondverse, that's not false modesty - it's honest-to-God WTF?) But thanks anyway!!!

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Okay, I finally started a Buffy website to archive my fic along with that of

[ profile] karabair

Feel free to check it out at:


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