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Just a reminder...10 days until Music of Pain fics are due. Do you know what your Xander's doing? I have *one* line written. But [ profile] brandil said it was a good line...

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Democracy at work. 'Cause who doesn't like buttons?

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Okay, I'll have to do this sans icon. If you've somehow stumbled across my journal because (well, I don't know why - [ profile] dovil, [ profile] stoney321 or [ profile] karabair told you to, maybe?) and you've been reading happily or skimming merrily and thinking, well, yes, seems like an amusing girl - *love the hair* - but there's that unfortunate Spike/Xander obsession...don't get that a'tall. (Everyone on my flist sounds like John Cleese, apparently.)

Here's the explanation for the S/X obsession: Untitled by [ profile] winterlive. I beta'd this last night, and she reminded me of why I love S/X in the first place. And she did it with canon (well, mostly, c'mon, we're talking slash here, people!) But there were no spells, no wishes, no Xander-is-really-Giles'-son-or-maybe-he's-Connor-but-whatever-as-long-as-he-has-a-three-way-with-Spike-and-Angel.

It's slash like it used to be - before people got tired and pouted, "I don't wanna have to think. I don't wanna explain UST. I'll just make them gay cowboys and watch the feedback roll in..." Go read it. Shoo.

Confidential to Winter: Dude - you need a title.

Self-pimp: Thanks to whoever nominated Sunday Morning Coming Down at the Shades of Grey awards. And congrats to two of my oldest old time friends, [ profile] karabair and [ profile] spikendru for their noms, as well.

S/X Recs

Sep. 26th, 2004 01:51 pm
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So I still can't get the lj cut to work. All right. I showed them, I just updated the recs list on my website with all the Spander pimpin' I've been meaning to do. Sue's Pimps

Also, congrats to the members of my flist who were nominated for White Knight Awards. Thanks again for the nom for best comedy, the nom for best Xangel is still amusing, the nom for Sunday Morning is very touching, and the nom for Best S/X writer is just...puzzling (and to paraphrase my lovely [community profile] secondverse, that's not false modesty - it's honest-to-God WTF?) But thanks anyway!!!


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