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You did not tell me that Jensen hooks up with Audrey! Or that he had emo-hair -- pre emo-hair!

Or that Pacey almost hooked up with David Boreanaz's wife (who, in a certain light, looks like a more Rubenesque Kristen Bell.)

And they were at a No Doubt concert! (Uh, Jensen & Audrey, not Pacey and Mrs. Boreanaz.) I miss "Don't Speak" Gwen Stefani. "The Sweet Escape" Gwen Stefani? I find her cold.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] adis723!

In regard to your present, allow me to quote David Boreanaz: It's just so silly! Allow me to follow that up with a Joss Whedon quote: Sometimes I'm derivative and lame. Eh. You love me. And while the vid idea is terribly derivative, the love is sui generis. (Check that Free Rice obsession, huh?)

SPN Personal Canon
(As filtered through all of your fandoms, even the ones you don't claim. Oh, and one I just thought was funny.)

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Er, if you're expecting a detailed con report replete with pictures, video and precision, this is not the post you're looking for. I believe those posts are here. This is ramble. Babble, maybe. Anyone suggesting tl;dr would not be accused of crazy talk.

Got Conned? )

Frederic Lehne & Samantha Ferris )

Nick Brendon )

Jensen and Jared )

And then there was Wincest )

ETA: [ profile] adis723's take is here


Jan. 9th, 2005 09:44 pm
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Who would have guessed the odds that four of my best real life friends would turn out to be fantastic fic writers? (Well, considering that two of them introduced me to Buffy and fanfic and I met the other two through fic, pretty good odds, actually.)

Never Mind That, Come Look at the Shiny Recs )
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Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17 overall
Beta: [ profile] adis723
Notes:[ profile] ladycat777 gets co-writing credit for the Xander and Willow scene, since it's mostly taken from her helpful emails. The "man pants" line is a shout-out to [ profile] stoney321, and [ profile] adis723 makes me want to crawl up in her lap and purr like a man vamp for making this readable, as usual.

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