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Oh, my God, I have to remember how to use HTML.

So, live journal is deleted and everything is moved over here. It's kinda depressing to see that my "created on" date is now 2012 instead of 2004. Will I use this? Hmm. Not sure. I don't know who is here other than Kathy, Brandi and Lorraine.

My fandom experience for the past 7 or so years has consisted of the following:

1) Attempting to read every single Harry Potter fic ever posted to AO3 that doesn't suck. My bookmarks (HP, SPN, Buffy, Teen Wolf) game is TIGHT, yo:

2) I still read the occasional Supernatural fic (mostly J2 AUs -- other than A/B/O. I just don't like the werewolf/dog crap. Sorry)

3) I've been doing some Buffy re-reading from my old website recs lists. I have a Twitter I seldom use and a Tumblr I never use. I don't mind Twitter, but most of the people I have there are people I talk to in RL. I don't like Tumblr's format because I'm old. I only use it to look up HP recs posts.

4) I've read a handful of Sherlock fics. I read several Teen Wolf fics a few years ago when [personal profile] stoney321 was writing in the fandom. When Derek and Allison left the show I lost interest

5) I will probably read Riverdale fic when I get around to it

6) I've read A LOT of Harry Potter fan fic. I mean really. And I've been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter twice! Very exciting.

7) I'm watching Riverdale, Supernatural (I've lost interest in everything but Jared's shoulders, but I'm in it for the long haul, I mean, Season 12 and all), Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead (sorta, it's on, I'm in the room), Big Little Lies (loved), The Crown, How to Get Away With Murder (in love with Viola Davis), passively watching Westworld and Bates Motel with the husband

8) I guess I'm only really fannish about HP (in that I leave detailed comments about fic FOR MYSELF on my bookmarks page so that I can keep track of which Auror or 8th Year fics I've read) and I made it through Cursed Child (WHY). Supernatural in that my best fandom friend (Vinnie/cityphonelines) is still a quasi-mod at Winchester Bros and she tells me stuff and I half-ass listen if it relates to Jared. It mostly relates to delusional Destiel shippers. She doesn't even WATCH the show anymore, yet we still spend an inordinate amount of time talking about a show we're disillusioned by and ships we don't really ship.

9) I watch all of the DC, Marvel, Star Wars and Star Trek movies that are released. I care about some. I really cared about Winter Soldier and Rogue One, I'm cautiously optimistic about Wonder Woman

10) Juliet Landau follows me on Twitter and Sarah Michelle Gellar liked my Instagram comment

I still work at the college (going on 4 years now this time, 10 years total). Eddie and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on April 3. He still works at the college, too. Our little boy will be 9 in August, is in the 3rd grade, and writes Nintendo, My Weird School and Harry Potter fanfiction on his tablet for his own enjoyment.

I came out as a bi to all the people that matter and I'm the Spectrum Club co-sponsor at the college. I, too, am terrified by 2017 America.

And all of you knew all of that, because you all mostly follow me on Facebook. Well, maybe you didn't know the SMG thing or the depths of my HP obsession. HI!
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