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I am attempting to write a blog entry on unconventional friendships, i.e. those which began online: basically how I got one of my best friends 10 years ago via [ profile] bloodclaim's beta reader sign-in sheet and how I got another by placing an ad on Craigslist for a scrapbooking buddy, haha! However, attempting to write about this experience for the edification of the average Facebooker causes Xander's "Oh, who CARES?!" outburst from Restless to pop into my head.

So instead I'm here, rambling into the void of what used to be an active Live Journal, about friendships and non-specific spoilers.

I was reading the Mark Watches recap of AtS's Dead End yesterday and marveled at Mark's admission that, prior to the ep, he was not aware that Christian Kane could sing. I was baffled by that, until I realized that I had been in Buffyverse fandom for years and live in Oklahoma so therefore have a bit of an advantage in that type of knowledge. Still, the "Christian Kane can sing? OMG WTF BBQ!" comments to the entry amused and charmed me, so I called the artist formerly known as adis723 to share. I burbled a pseudo-amazed, "Christian Kane can sing?!" at her and in a moment of breathtaking synchronicity she and I simul-chortled, "Cibo Matto can clog dance?!" at each other.

And that, my friends, is why I love my fannish peeps.

And now I'd like to talk about my experiences with spoilers in the "Game of Thrones" realm. None of this discussion has to do with specific spoilers and there will be no spoilers in the text of my rambling.

I have never encountered a fandom as careless about spoilers as GoT. I actively read LJ during the writing period of the HP books and never encountered anything but LJ-cuts and generic squee. But HP seemed to accept that some folks were watching the films and had yet to catch up on the books and acted accordingly (at least in my experience, YMMV).

With GoT, I am stunned by the number of people who are *so* proud to have read a book (and want to make sure that you understand that the HBO series is based on books, in case that's knowledge you're unable to Google) and further want to be sure that you know that they have read something, and that all the insight is belonging to them. Um...okay? We're all pretty much geeks, reading kinda comes part and parcel with the "I'm a nerd -- ask me how!" button? I mean, it's not like you read Asimov's "Foundations" series -- you read a fantasy series. Good for you and every 14 year old kid, ever.

But it's impossible to discuss GoT the series on the wider web without having someone come in and let you know that they just finished "A Dance With Dragons" and that your (TV canon based) speculation about Tyrion is adorable.

[ profile] stoney321 is writing the GoT recaps for her site Hey Don't Judge Me. She stated upfront with the first recap that she has not read the books and is postponing doing so until she has watched the series and explicitly asked for NO book spoilers. So only a dick would fail to comply with that, right? Not a recap goes by that she makes a joke about an event or speculates about plot points that some asshat attempts to "correct" her quip or speculation with, "Actually, we know from the books that...blah, blah, spoiler, blah, yer wrong." Reading that goes up my nose like Valyrian steel, I can only sympathize with what it does for Stoney.

I get that inadvertent spoilers brought on by squee sometimes occur. However, this fandom seems determined to tell you the fate of your favorite characters the minute you watch the pilot and how everything you think you know is WRONG (It's Asha, not Yara, argh!!!) and by the way, Luke is Leia's brother, Atlanta burns and Rhett joins the Confederate army and, oh, you just read "Sorcerer's Stone"? Here's the entire plot of "Half-Blood Prince"!

Conversely, I myself was accused (wrongly! Very Jean-Val Jean!) of posting GoT spoilers on FB. I often click "like" on Stoney's GoT recaps, causing a link to the recap to post on my Facebook page. The link includes nothing but the name of the show, website and occasionally the ep title. And give GoT its props, it's not like their ep titles are "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies." I have a friend who comments EVERY time I post a like to the link with, "Don't spoil me, haven't watched the ep." Oooookay, don't click the link labeled "recap," then, Sparky?

The other day I posted a link (on FB) to a parody vid with scenes of GoT matched with audio from "Arrested Development" with a prominent notation that the clip contained spoilers for GoT Season 2. A couple of friends and I chatted in comments, attributing AD dialogue to GoT characters. The previously mentioned spoiler-phobe friend messaged me and said, "Sue, the spoilers on your post are really uncool. I don't want to know what was said in the episode."


Dude, if you really think Catelyn Stark said, "I love all my children equally. (previously) I don't care for Bran" (oh, Lucille Bluth, how I miss you!) you have bigger problems with being a fan than just spoilers. I explained, and he was still miffy about it. Really??? I mean....really???

I get that every fandom has its thorn (Roslin/Adama is octogenarian porn: still baffled by that) but I've never been involved in one where the majority was so eager to prove that they had filled their Weekly Reader checklist with Song of Ice and Fire through Dance With Dragons, give them a hug now! Or so vitriolic about spoilers that they see plot revelations where there are only banana stands.

Anyone else had this experience? Or is it merely my lot for falling into Facebook?
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