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Welcome to the Wheels-O-Rama
("Welcome to the Hellmouth" Human AU re-write, humor) UNFINISHED



Sunday Morning Coming Down
(Post "The Gift" ensemble angst)

(post AtS "Damage")

Who Watches the Watchers Co-written with [ profile] savoytruffle
(Post-"Chosen") UNFINISHED

Mirror Kisses

Sweet Release
("Harsh Light of Day" kink indulgence)

Hair Like Chinese Silk
(Musical!Verse silliness)

Night After Night
(Musical!Verse silliness)

(Halloween humor)

Post Apocalyptic Trends
(Mpreg Parody)

It's All Been Done
(Canon/Fanon Parody)

What a Knight for a Knight
(Scooby-Doo episode parody)


Sweet Tart
(Post-"Orpheus," pre-"Dirty Girls")


...There's Fire
Pre-"Not Fade Away")

Pretty Pictures, Pretty Words
(Post "Not Fade Away"

(PWP parody)


Blood Will Tell
("Into the Woods" AU)


Training Day
(Season 2 PWP)

Rodeo Verse
(Gay Rodeo Human AU)


Rare B-Sides
("Harsh Light of Day" pre-slash)


Best Laid Plans
(Teacher's Pet AU)


Bored Games
(AtS "Blood Money" AU)


Better Together
Xander, Buffy, Willow & Dawn (post "Listening to Fear")

Lazy Sunday
Xander, Buffy & Willow (post "Graduation Day" ficlet, humor)

Curiouser and Curiouser
Spike & Cordy ("You're Welcome" missing scene)

Somewhere Down the Road
Angel & Joyce (pre-series)

The Good Shepherd's Pie
Giles, Buffy, Anya, Xander, Tara & Willow (Post-"Pangs" humor)

I am a Buffyverse fan, and have been since 2004. I tried to keep a fandom only journal at [ profile] herald_reader. I failed. This is my all things journal, and it is only partially friends-locked; all fan fiction and fandom posts are unlocked and open for discussion. My family posts and anything I find terribly personal (which is not much) are locked. I do regularly post picspam of everything from my baby to my hair, but those posts are always locked and I utilize the LJ-cut religiously.

I don't take myself seriously. I have several LJ friends that have become RL friends, and over the years I've built a pretty tight friends list, so I tend to talk about fandom, myself, life and whatnot (life is not whatnot) in a breezy, chatty manner. People new to my journal might often feel like Jonathan in "Earshot" and think to themselves, "Why are you talking to me like we're friends?" Yeah, I can't help that. I'm from Oklahoma and my family is from the south: we encumber you with hospitality.

Fannish me is all over the Buffyverse board. I read het, femslash, slash, gen fic, AU, parody...but not crossovers. Everybody's got their somethin'. Writing-wise I have written everything from meta-fic to multi-chap angst to Human AU to total crack and out-and-out "I meant to do that!" parody. I've slashed. A lot. I talk a lot about writing fic, but I don't do much of it anymore. It used to be because fandom was more of a social thing for me and I'm lazy, but now it's also because I have a small child. Plus, to be honest, I was able to write a couple of fairly popular stories and then rest on my laurels, only popping up to be amusing in comments when needed (it's nice work if you can get it.)

I am a fandom Support-o Gal, though. I like to rec and link and encourage. I dropped out for a bit due to school (don't let that fool you -- I'm wicked old) and that whole having a baby thing, but I'm excited about the Buffyverse again and hope to be more active as far as fandom participation. (So say I at 7:51 p.m. CST on February 18, 2010.)

If you'd like to add me to your reading list, feel free. I'm weird about friending/defriending. I feel overwhelmed by my f-list at times, because I like to read and comment. But if you interact with me, I'll be your Huckleberry. I over-share. I once scared off an online stalker with my overt "Hey, y'all!" friendliness. I find myself vastly entertaining (it helps if you read every other sentence I write with a wry smile) and who knows? You might, too. Or you might come to think, "I thought there would be more meta... or at least porn. What's with all the baby pics, recipes and hair?" What indeed, grasshopper.
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